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Que tal peeps!

Here is the next part of the series. This is not as long as the others, but many questions my get answered so far in this one.

Mature Content

Yall know the drill!

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As we continued kissing I noticed he was sweating more than usual. But I just figured it was because we were outside or maybe he was really turned on. Then he was beginning to slur his speech. We didn't drink any liquor so I had no idea what was going on. I pull back and look at him. "Baby are you okay? You seem off." By this time his eyes were closed. I shake him a little. He quickly open his eyes and pushes me off him with full force. I quickly land on my back. Namjoon begins screaming in pain. I get back up ignoring the fact that he just pushed me and the pain in my lower back. I attempt to comfort him but he acts as if I was a stranger. He was sweating really bad and the room was getting really abnormally hot. Yoongi, Jin, Tae, and Jungkook heard the noise and quickly ran into our cabin. They were trying to calm him down. "What happened?" Jin asks. "I don't know. We were you know making out and all he began sweating and kind of blacking out. Then this started." I said. I was still in my underwear and forgot I was basically naked in front of the guys. But none of that mattered I had to find out what was wrong. Talking to him was making it wrost. We needed to calm him down. Yoongi suggested knocking him and he was happy to volunteer to do that with his crazy ass. I protested against it. Then I remembered Koko was with us and she has the power to manipulate emotions. Tae calls Koko into the cabin. She was scared and asking all types of questions. Tae told her not to worry and that they didn't have time for all that. Koko went right to work with using her powers. "Something is wrong. I'm using more strength than usual to calm him down. We must move quick." Koko said. Jin, Tae, Koko, and Yoongi left with Namjoon to go to the dorms. I sat in the corner crying my eyes out. The only person who I can say I truly loved was in pain and so was I. I couldn't even feel his positive energy. I felt alone and cold. My dreams of a future with him was burnt away. I was so wrapped into my thoughts I forgot Jungkook was in the cabin with me. He took of his jacket and placed it around me. "Don't cry. We will figure something out. Let's follow the others." Jungkook said. As we walk outside Jewel was standing by the car with a smirk on her face. "What's all the noise for? You all had a party without me?" She said. "Shut up." I said as Jungkook helped me into the car. As we drove back to the dorm area on campus. I was able to clear my thoughts. I had to be strong and not get wrapped up in my feelings. I had to figure out how to help my Namjoon. Once I cleared my mind it came to me. I could give him a dose of my healing medicine I made. Them from there Jessamine could look at him. We are both healers too but she more seasoned than me in that department.
As we walked into Namjoon's room I could hear him slightly moaning. I share my plan with the group and I go get my medicine. We I arrive back I can see Koko was getting weak. She was using so much magic energy to help calm Namjoon. I quickly put the dropper into his mouth and allowed it to go down his throat. In five minutes the medicine was working. He was sound asleep and the room was not as hot. I also had some medicine to help Koko regain her magical energy. I thanked her. She was such a big help. We would have to contact Jessamine later in the morning. Her and Jimin was with her parents and Namjoon was good for now. "The medicine will last for about 12 hours on a normal being but 6 hours for a supernatural being." I said. "I just texted Jessamine. She said she would be back around 9am. So. we have enough time." Koko said. Tae and Jin walked Koko to her room. I stayed by Namjoon's side. Jewel went back to my room. I was happy. Her presence was bothering me. She thought this whole thing was a joke. Yoongi stayed up with me and Jungkook but Yoongi fell asleep quickly. This wasn't a surprise. I just waited by his side and placed a cool towel in his forehead. His temperature was going back and forth. I could see him jumping in his sleep as of he was fighting something. I smiled. Even in his sleep he was a fighter. Whatever, was going on would not last long. I had high hopes in Jessamine and I knew questions would get answered. Jungkook finally gave into his sleep. I wasn't mad. The dragons needed their sleep. We might need their strength tomorrow. Who knows what would happen. I just wished Jewel would leave already. Everything was perfect when she wasn't here. She always bring drama and bad luck somehow. Even Namjoon was sick. He still was sexy asf. I knew we would make pretty babies one day. I blushed at the thought of him making me his mate and having the title of his wife. I know we would live in a huge castle or house. He's family is loaded with money. My family is rich too so we would do well with money. I could see us having three kids running around the house. I drift off to sleep while holding his hand.
Jessamine quickly came into the room. I almost fell out the bed when she busted in. "Whoa, the energy in here is hella negative and evil." She paused. "Girl why are you half naked, go put in some clothes." Koko walked in. "I knew she would still be in her underwear so I already got her some clothes." "Thanks. I guess I forgot. I've been so worried." I say while slipping on the white tee and dark jeans. Jimin looked super pissed and worried. "Sorry but we came as soon as possible." "Oh no problem. I'm just glad you all are here now." I say while sitting back down next to Namjoon. Yoongi and Jungkook woke up as everyone gathered in the room. Maddie and Hobi made it back. Even Jewel slipped into the room. Everyone was quiet as Jessamine looked over Namjoon. To the naked eye it just looked like she was staring at him, but she was using her magic. Only healers can see each other magic. I was the only one in the room who could see all of her magical energy surrounding Namjoon. Finally she stopped. "That medicine you gave him will stop in about one hour. Anywayz, someone gave him a powerful poison. Something very dark that was made specifically against dragons. I remember this potion called the dragon slayer. Not too many people have access to this poison actually it is forbidden and you can only get it from the dark realm. This poison causing the victim's powers to work against themselves. It can be fatal." Jessamine said. I felt my body go numb. I began balling right in front of everyone. What has he ever done to anyone. Sure in the past he did some ish and fucked a few bitches but he's such a loving guy. Koko and Maddie hugged me as I cried. "There is a cure though. It's a potion. My mom is still in town and I know she could make it in no time. Actually I have all the ingredients in my room except one. You have to mix it all up and say these magical words. The words I forget but I know mom will know." Jessamine says. "Oh great! Namjoon will be alright after all." Hobi says. "Wait what is the other ingredient you need. I'm sure we could get it for you." Maddie says. "7 drops of the blood of the one who slipped him this posion." Jessamine said. "Who would do this anyways? What evil rude person would even do something like this?" Jin said. "Oh I think it's very obvious." Jessamine said. Jewel began laughing. "You all sit around Prince Namjoon like he's some saint. He's a spoiled dragon for crying out loud! So what he's about to die. Maybe of he showed some respect to others he would be in the state he's in right." I quickly throw my shoe at Jewel. Maddie looked at Jewel like she wanted to pounce on her. "Jewel did this. When examining Namjoon I found traces of magic energy in his system. In order to make this posion the maker has to pour their magic energy into the mixture. Even though you two are identical twins your auras and magic energy is nothing alike." Jessamine said. "You talk too much. I never liked you Jessamine or any of you. Namjoon was a fool to disrespect a Phire. Especially the chosen one. How dare he pick my sister over me?" Jewel says. I quickly felt myself grown cold but hot with anger. All my life all share has done was take from me. I could feel the room getting dark and everyone's voices were fading. I was going off the edge. Suddenly.......


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Let's bake this bitch!!! Or whatever the expression is... Let me at that bitch!!! Hurting my friends!!!
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OOKKAAAAAYYYYYY!?!??! I'm with it!
Really though?! You do us dirty with a cliffhanger here?! that's mean!! it was so good! Jewel was about to get the dog shit beaten out of her!
lol I got tired. I was literally falling asleep.
sorry but twin gotta die now
Can you tag me?
@BTS34443 sure no problem
Wow! with a sister like that, you don't need any enemies.