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They havent really shown there power or any time of ability but im not going to lie lol when they mentioned "CP0" I was like WHAT THE HECK!?!? i got chills all over lol just by hearing that name lol (Cause of CP-9) hahah And later the show these three individuals and I was like alright these guys are going to be OP AS FU***...... Just the way they look is intimidating me! lol One question for the ONE PIECE FANS OUT THERE. What threat leve would you give CP-0 to be to the straw hats from 1-10? (I know we dont know there feats but just give a guess) :) Edit by - Yours truly ^_^  @Miichi @LeonardGrahamJr @Tomoki @NickMcCormick @JayKumor @Jax97 @Winx9119 @Soulstice @Thomasamolina @ChrisCopeland @jjbosy   @neetyro007 @earthly @RogerNunez @BrandonParantea @DereckTorres @MelissaWonders @kareemalzindani @rexamisprime @EstefanOlivares @BrittanyBocaneg @Lalaichan14 @AngelofFire12 @koifries @AngelofFire12 @WinterWolf027  @DamianWalker @SSJAKUMA5 @amobigbang @aaronred888 @JordanSwihart  @DenisseSanchez  @ @IsraelCruz @ChangoLeon @JimTurpen @InVinsybll @AngelMartinez1 @soulfeast83 @GeovanyAguilar @Sharia @Nyan @KarenDonley @EmilianoMacias @HerosBells @Mikazuki1 @halorblood @bcox5027 @DominatorD123 @JacobRivas @pramodsingh @Kitty9454 @MichaelCochran @AnasiaLaureano @jonathan11 @nena2kris1 @paultipps323 @yulissab2015 @BobbieStinson @AnnaArai @EmilianoMacias @KarenDonley @GeovanyAguilar @JosiahQuick @HerosBells @Mikazuki1 @bcox5027 @JacobRivas @EvanNguyen @KurosakiJess @HunnaBallue @LuffyNewman @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 @SimplyAwkward @ChrisStephen @fluffyflexonthe
I haven't got caught up on the show or seen Gold. But in a panel in the manga they showed it. I'll look for issue # an let you know
@clobbersaurus well in film gold yes that they did show that and it was lucci idk if ive seen that in the show tho
didn't they show a masked guy with a beard and a bird on his shoulder that looks a lot like a pigeon wearing a mask? I gotta say it's gonna be the return of Lucci
@clobbersaurus he was in cp9 but this is Cp0 lol we dont know whose ubder the masks!
@clobbersaurus awesome for sure let me know bro i want see it ... and i havent seen the movie gold either just the trailers lol x) but i have cought up on the show tho :)
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