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Just in case anyone missed it, a lot of us have decided to do something for Namjoon's birthday! The idea was proposed by @SarahVanDorn because she's a wonderful person. Ok! The idea is to find a picture you like of him in an outfit you like and copy the outfit and also the pose, I believe. Post the picture you take to all your social media accounts with the hashtag 22YearsOfRM on his birthday. That's the important part: WAIT TIL HIS BIRTHDAY PLEASE 🤗 You don't have to be a Namjoon Stan to do this. You can just love BTS, Kpop, or like idk maybe you just like birthdays lol I hope everyone participates!
forgot to mention when is Namjoon's birthday! it's September 12th right?
Oh wah!!! I love this idea so much!