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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 8 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
Mrs.Wang's POV Today she had the luxury of waking up a little later than normal although, when she got Y/N's text she had wished that she didn't have to get up at all. She headed to Jackson's hotel room, the bill for that room was going to be through the roof and his father was going to be pissed at him for destroying so much of their property. She stopped by his room and he let her in. He looked like hell and fresh alcohol had stained the carpet. "What's going on?" she asked. "She's in love with him. She loves him didn't you see it last night. The way he touched her. God I just want to slice his fingers off. Baby girl, how could he call her that? " "Jackson you need to calm down." "Why, my fiance the woman you and dad promised to me is cheating on me. She's in love with another man. Some rich boy with a child's face. Her taste in men is terrible." "No, if that were true then she would actually be with you." "What?" Jackson said almost hurt. "Jackson she's made up her mind. When we made this deal, we did not make it so that you could abuse her and force yourself on her. We presented you a wife, one that would've been good to you had you been good to her. She ran away because she was afraid of you and you still have no idea how terrified she is of you. You still have no idea how much you have terrorized her to the point that she shakes in fear when you come around her. You have no idea how to be gentle to a woman." she said annoyed. "Mom." "Do not Mom me, you know it's the truth. You've missed treated her and I love you Jackson I really do but I don't approve of how you've been hurting her. Now she's said in two months she'll meet you and everyone else at the SMtown hotel to talk about the deal." "She told you this in the bathroom?" "No she texted me this morning." she said. "What's the number?" he asked. "No Jackson." "Mom what's the number? I just want to talk to her." "No Jackson. You'll see her in two months." "Mom, let me have the number please. I won't go see her I'll just talk to her I promise." He pleaded. Mrs.Wang sighed, "I'll give it to you once you've calmed down. I'm going back down to the lobby. Don't forget to tip the men that get your bags." "Mom." "Do not argue with me Jackson or I won't give you the number." she said sternly. Jackson sighed in frustration and made his way to his room. Mrs.Wang walked out of the room and to the elevator. She looked at the text Y/N sent her. He'd flip off on her worse then before if he knew she said she wasn't going to marry him. Still, if he called her and she said that to him herself he may go to her. If she could give him the number late enough then Y/N could avoid the problem. When they meet up two months later, well, that would be a whole different problem. Jackson's POV Jackson woke up the next morning still pissed at her. She didn't look good and when she stumbled part of him wanted to catch her but he was on the other side of the table and Junmyeon had moved quicker to help her then he could've. He called her baby girl. He had given her a pet name and everything, he hated how they looked like a couple. He hated that she looked so comfortable in his arms but she never once seemed like that with him. What his mother told him had made snap him into a bit of reality. He never noticed that she was scared of him, not really anyway. He only focused on her being defiant. He focused on her being with another man and leaving in the middle of the night to run away. He was hurt that she would leave him; he wasn't used to rejection and he didn't know how to take it. Sure a few girls turned him down sometimes but Jackson always got what he wanted, nothing hurt more then knowing the woman he actually did love didn't want him. It annoyed him even further that she loved Junmyeon, it was in her face. He didn't see it before, he wasn't even sure if it was there before. Junmyeon was very protective of her. What did she even tell him? He did everything he could to make her smile at him the way she smiled in that photo his men sent him. He stared at that picture in his bedroom for at least twenty minutes before he threw something at the wall again. Junmyeon had touched her in every place that was supposed to belong to him. She probably called out his name like she enjoyed it. He wasn't bad in bed but she always resisted him. She went hollow at one point too. She wouldn't respond to him anymore, it was like she wasn't there. She was probably completely present when Junmyeon was on top of her, thrusting inside her, making her scream as he filled her up. The very thoughts that entered his head about Y/N enjoying sex with Junmyeon when she never enjoyed it with him pissed him off again. His mother refused to give him her number until he calmed down and there was no way he could calm down knowing he wouldn't see her for another two months. She wanted to come together to discuss their contract. He could feel it already, she was going to end it. She was going to declare that she wasn't coming home again. She was stupid for that stupid for leaving, stupid for falling in love with another man. She was in a relationship six months prior with another man from what his sources had told him; why was she already engaged to Junmyeon? Did they get it wrong or was this all apart of her big plan to escape? No, she was definitely in love with Junmyeon there was no mistaking that look in her eyes. Everything about not being able to speak to her, touch her, make her love him, it aggravated him more. So he took to his phone and called up a woman he knew in Busan. "Hey can I come over?" he said. "Sure." she said. She didn't sound too enthusiastic but he needed to relieve some stress and he couldn't very well do it in the hotel especially since he had to get out soon. Y/N's POV This morning was beyond stressful and didn't help your stomach at all. As you sat in class trying hard to take notes the events of the morning played in your head.... "Kyungsoo." you said acknowledging that he was the one that called your name. Standing beside him was Jongin, he stared at you and Junmyeon with dark eyes. His hands were in his pockets, his book bag was slung over his shoulder in a sloppy fashion. His hair was in a mess. It didn't look like he got enough sleep last night. Chanyeol was walking up behind him as the four of you stared at each other. Junmyeon's hand didn't leave yours it stayed secure and even squeezed tighter to keep you connected to him. Junmyeon didn't look away from Jongin for a second, there was no shame in his face. "Yeol!" you greeted with an awkward smile. You moved over to him and Junmyeon released your hand. The warm feeling that you had from him holding onto you suddenly left, making you regret letting him go in the first place. You gave Chanyeol a hug and he patted your head. He looked at the situation before you. "Chanyeol you and Y/N should be getting to class." Junmyeon said. "Oh don't interrupt your little kissing fest on our occasion." Jongin snapped. "You and Y/N aren't together anymore it shouldn't matter to you." Junmyeon said plainly. His matter of fact tone made you feel odd. You never thought Junmyeon would talk to Jongin like that. "Of course it matters. Is she the one you're living with? The one that's you fake fiance?" Jongin asked. "Fake?" Kyungsoo asked as if the display that had gone on a second ago never would've made him think it was fake. At first it was, sleeping with him wasn't supposed to lead to you feeling anything for him but every fiber of your being ached for Junmyeon. You wanted to be around him all the time, you wanted his hands on you at all times. You wanted to cling to him, you trusted him. That was the scariest thing you had ever done. You put your trust into someone, you don't recall ever doing that. Chanyeol you adored but you only allowed him so much knowledge about your past. The scars on your stomach made you think about what you had done last night and how Junmyeon held you. How he begged you not to do it again. He wanted you to go back to therapy, he even said he'd go with you. As much as you had loved Jongin, you didn't trust him enough to reveal the things you revealed to Junmyeon. So the fact of it all was that you were in love with Junmyeon. That fact alone would only burn Jongin. What would their friendship be like after all of this? Was it wrong to be in love with Junmyeon in the first place? "You've flashed a lot of girls you've been sleeping with in her face haven't you Jongin? I'm pretty sure you've made it clear you don't care. Chanyeol can you do me a favor and see Y/N to class." Junmyeon said. "Junmyeon." you said. You looked to Jongin and he turned away from you angry. You could see his fists were balled up in his pockets. You had never seen him this upset before. Chanyeol wrapped an arm around you, your stomach started to twist making you pick up the pace. You started to hurry to the bathroom when you felt yourself about to throw up. You didn't but your stomach wouldn't stop twisting. Chanyeol had called after you confused when you were running. He was probably waiting by the door for you. You splashed your face with cool water. The queasiness eased itself but you still didn't feel good. Maybe coming to class was a mistake but you had things to turn in and notes to catch up on. You came back out of the bathroom and Chanyeol looked at you. He put his hand to your head. "Are you feeling okay?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." you said. The look on his face said he didn't believe you but he was smart enough to know that if he questioned you about it you'd only evade him. Jongin's angry face kept popping up into your head. The tension between them was uncomfortable. Their relationship was definitely taking a hit because of you. You didn't even want to think of what would happen if you were pregnant. You got out of classes and walked down the hallway to look for Junmyeon. You were wondering what him and Jongin had said to each other when you left. Someone forced you back by the strap of your book bag and pushed you against the wall. The sudden motion made you fight back that queasy feeling again. You looked at the annoyed face of Jongin greeting you up close. "Him? You could've been fucking Chanyeol and it would've hurt less but you chose him?" he said pissed. "Jongin stop it. You have no right to be upset at me for being with him." "I loved you and you ended things to go with the biggest fuck boy of the school? You saw how many women he brought into the house and you still agreed to do this for him?" "Jongin you cheated on me. I loved you and you cheated on me. You don't even have a good explanation for what you did. Junmyeon saw a lot of women,yes but that was his business. He was never in a relationship with those women, he wasn't cheating on them. You however were. He's your best friend why are you even talking about him like that?" "Best friends don't do that to each other. They don't go after your ex-girlfriend. They don't do that when they know you're still in love with them." "Jongin- you made your choice and I made mine. For weeks you flashed women in my face only days after we broke up just to hurt me." "You can't forgive me for that? I was stupid and petty." Jongin asked. "I do forgive you for it but that doesn't mean I'm going back to you. Jongin I've been hurt by so many people in my life already, the last person I expected to be hurt by was you. Clearly I wasn't enough for you." "I wasn't enough for you Y/N. You never opened up to me but Junmyeon- you just seemed so happy with him." "Everyone keeps acting like I have no right to be happy and I'm sick of it Jongin. I don't deserve to be harrased day in and day out. When Junmyeon is with me, he makes me feel-" you stopped to try and find the right words. "Makes you feel what?" "He just makes me feel and that makes me happy and it makes me scared but I've always done what people have asked me and expected of me. If dating Junmyeon is a mistake it's the best one I've ever made because I've never felt so alive before. For someone that says they love me you'd be happy for me, you'd let me be happy don't try to take it away from me because if you do then you're no better then the rest of the people that have screwed me over in my life." You had started crying. You wiped at your eyes as you heard Jongin sigh, "So you're in love with him too." he said. His hand came to your face to help you wipe your tears. You sniffed as he helped dry your face. He looked at you with a softer expression, his thumb falling to your bottom lip. His hand then cupped your cheek and he bent your head down so he could kiss your forehead. "Don't forget that I loved you first. I can't stand to see you cry it's always been my weakness." he said. He pulled away from you, his anger completely gone now. He looked hurt though, he wasn't okay with the idea of you being in love with Junmyeon. He wasn't okay with Junmyeon being in love with you but he must've realized he couldn't fight it. He couldn't dictate it and if he did he really would be like all the other people in your life that hurt you. He was aware he was already in that category but if he sunk any lower he knew very well there was no way you'd let him near you again. You got a call from an unknown number by the time you stepped out of the building. You were waiting for Junmyeon to come out. The number you recognized, you should've known his mother was going to give him the number. You took in a deep breath and answered the phone. "Hello." you said. "Princess, what are you planning?" Jackson said. "What are you talking about?" "Don't fucking act innocent. Bugs, you're not going to marry me?" He was drunk? It was midday seriously, what was he doing drunk calling you? Come to think of it he never drunk called you. You never really saw him drunk at all before. Was drunk Jackson worse then angry Jackson? He sounded like a hurt puppy on the phone. "Answer me Bugs, why do you like him?" "Because he doesn't hit me when I refuse him. He doesn't call me a stupid bitch and then force himself on me when I won't sleep with him. He doesn't hurt me the way you do." "Princess I would've been good to you. You just had to love me back. You just-*hiccup* you just needed to be mine." "I never wanted to be yours Jackson." you said "Don't fucking say shit like that!" he yelled. There was another hiccup and what sounded like he'd fallen into something. "A million other women would love what I had given you." "Well then go Fuck a million other women that like to be slapped around like a rag doll and leave me the hell alone!" you said annoyed. "Watch your fucking tone princess. Remember I've got eyes on you at all times. Keep running from me Y/N, keeping running and watch what I'll do to you." That threat sent a chill down your spine. "I'll tie your sexy ass down and make you watch as I hurt him. I swear I will. Two months ' baby girl'," he mocked Junmyeon's pet name for you. The disdain in his voice and his threat was coming to life. You covered your mouth in horror as you listened to the next few words that came out of his mouth. You could imagine the cold look in his eyes as he spoke drunk and hazed out of his mind. He was still sober enough to know what he was saying, sober enough to know that these next few words would scare you half to death. Drive you completely insane... " If you don't come back to me, I'll make you watch as I kill him." Click He hung up the phone. You stared at the ground your hand shaking violently. Your breathing shallow. Fuck! You made the wrong choice. Junmyeon and Chanyeol had come over to you but you hadn't heard them calling your name. You were crying twice as hard as before. Junmyeon took you in his arms, "Y/N what's wrong? Calm down baby. Calm down." he rocked you gently. You dropped your phone to cling to him. Jackson's last few words had made your heart race. They had terrified you and you couldn't stop. You felt Chanyeol's hand reach your back as Junmyeon kissed the top of your head. He pulled you in tighter. Junmyeon was the happiest mistake you ever made but the world had a cruel way of showing you that you had no right to be happy. Any time you were, it would take it away from you and not in a gentle manner. It would rip it away from you like you shouldn't have had it in the first place. The deeper you sank into those thoughts the more you just wanted to end it all. You could hear Jackson's voice in your head, his last words before hanging up. Your nightmare from the night before becoming more like a premonition of your future with Junmyeon. You should've just done what Mrs.Wang asked, you should've just pacified him. You should've just gone back. You didn't realize you had been voicing that through your tears. It was Jackson's threat swallowing you up in darkness. I'll make you watch as I kill him. . . . . "I'm right here Y/N." The sudden sound of Junmyeon's voice coming to you again broke through Jackson's threat. "I love you baby girl." he said. The rocking motion and his soft voice against your ear cleared the darkness in your mind. It settled your breathing. "I'm not going anywhere." he said. His voice drowned out Jackson's completely. You opened your eyes and looked up at him. Your tears blurring the vision before you. "Stop crying baby girl. I'm right here, he's not going to touch you. I love you, I'll keep you safe." he said. He kissed you...... Junmyeon.... I love you. That was why you had to go. You had to disappear......
Damnit Jackson!!!!! Just let me be happy!!!!!! Is it stress that's causing me to be sick or am I pregnant with Junmyeon's baby!!?? Will I ever break free from Jackson!!?? At least I stood up to him!! I want to run away but I know if I do, I may lose that warmth and if I do, will I ever have that warmth again!!?? Damnit Mrs. Wang why you give my number to him!!???
i better not disappear. to hell with Jackson. call his mother tell her what he said. Jackson u still on my bias list love u but fuck u right now. stab u in the dick Jackson. lol. gos i love ur stories @BabydollBre.
Jackson needs some serious help. If he calls that love, I don't want to know is hate.
@Starbell808 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thank you but OMG that 'stab you in the the dick' had me crying. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Damn it!!!!! Jackson, you just can't go around threatening people that your gonna kill them!!!!! You being extra rude as fuck!!!!!
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