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Yes I know this is late but between work and getting one of our fighters ready for his fight this next weekend I've been pretty busy/tired. So let's get back to this challenge! Day 4 is who is my favorite female anime character!?
This one is an easy one for me, of course I'm going to pick my #1 Waifu ever! From A Certain Scientific Railgun/A Certain Magical Index, The 2nd ranked lvl 5 esper in all Academy City, Misaka Mikoto!
Get used to seeing this girl because throughout this challenge I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of her!
She mine and no one else can have her!!! Her tsundere moments are some of my personal favorite out of all the anime I've seen! It should be no question why I love her! If you do question it, my answer will always be just "yes!"
I'll get the yesterday's and today card posted in a little bit but for now just enjoy all these pictures and gifs of this dashing beauty right here! Tagging a few others too! @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @otakudemon10 @biancadanica98 @belakttocs @SAMURXAI