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You see this beautiful creature. His name is J-Hope. He's APART OF bts. And he has his own individual fans that cheer him on when he's down, and when he's being a clown and a happy valley for sunshine and fluff. But don't let that amazing smile fool you. He's hurting. Like always "army" is tearing him down but by bit. He recently had a vlive where it was just him.
For further explanation check out this card made by @adelinlin But onto my proposal. It's something I thought of in the shower and o think it's a good idea. I made a tweet yesterday telling Hoseok that we still love him, I'm going to tweet at him once a day so he can really understand how much us real army loves him. But my proposal for all of bts, is directed towards something fantastic. Me specifically I'm in Colorado, the boys hardly come here, but that doesn't mean they can't be here. I wanted to see if we, as army, could do something spectacular for the boys, like a billboard, a giant poster from a skyscraper, something amazing that would blow them away and sit back to think, "Wow international army loves us(or they might think we're phucking crazy)" It doesn't have to be that big though. And it doesn't have to be in just Colorado. There's tons of states that bts, or any other group, hasn't been to. Why don't we send them a little love from the states that will patently wait for them. I'm not saying we should do the crazy things about like a billboard or a poster on a skyscraper, but we need to do something that shows we love them individually and as a group. So if you have any ideas, please tell me in the comments.
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@JaxomB I love sending postcards, maybe I can send him one and a cool Colorado Rockies cap
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yeah and hopefully they will go to those other states rather than LA and Huston
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@XionHeart well I'm down ! you can count on me name the time and date were all posting!
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@LunaCordero Glad to have you on board. I'll be sure to tell you we start.
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@XionHeart awesome and I'm excited!
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@LunaCordero @XionHeart Great ideas! Count me in too. Whenever you guys start. Totally love sending J-Hope some encouragement.
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