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Hello lovelies, i was wondering if you could help me. You see I am looking for an anime to watch and just have no idea what to pick. If you can think of anything please let me know ^^ I'm really not picky when it comes to anime but I don't normally watch romantic things but I will always give it a shot ^^
@DustinHenkel you mean gurren lagann and Baku no hero academia. sorry just want them to be able to find it. If it's spelled wrong it'll be hard to
utawarerumono season 1 & 2, wolfs rain, magi, kyoukai no kanata, puella Magi madoka magica
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it is a great series, but it is so sad too. did you watch the movies? if not, the first and second are like recaps of the anime, the third is completely different and amazing
@JaxomB i have never watched Free! but i have seen some of Assassination class room but that was forever ago xD
A romance you could try watching is Yona of the Dawn. It has other interesting elements and themes other than just romance. I think it has a well thought out story line and some intense scenes.
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Cool, I hope you like it. it's a historical fiction, which is my favorite kind of stories.
@DustinHenkel @tylervann48 thank you both for the suggestions ^^
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