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Hey guys. First of all, I want to say sorry for not being active recently, and for not keeping up with my GOTW roles. School has started and I've been dealing with a lot of stuff lately. I've been trying to make cards, but I had little time, or I was unmotivated, so I'm really sorry for that.

But, I'm back, so I'll try to post cards on here more often!


I have something to announce...

Starting Friday, I will be starting up my girl group of the week series again!! I will post the voting card on Friday so be on the look out for that!

You guys excited?! cause Jonghyun is! XD

A/N: Also, thank you guys for understanding why I had to stop this segment for a bit. I'm sorry that one week turned into almost a month, but thank you guys for understanding! It really meant a lot to me! Hearts for all of you! *sends out hearts*

ALSO, I need your guys' opinion on something.

So, I was thinking about doing a segment similar to the girl group of the week one. I want to show some love to some underrated or disbanded groups. I already have one group in mind, so if I do decide to do it, that group will be first. And I may need suggestions for underrated/disbanded groups

Are you as excited as Dongwoo is?! Get ready for next week!

Again, thank you guys for understanding! I really appreciated it <3


Good to have you back! for the underrated groups Boys Republic (my bias group), JJCC, UNIQ, UP10TION, A.cian, Topp Dogg & A-JAX just to name a few! I think you should do it! I like underrated groups 😊