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I woke up to multiple notifications over this picture and I honestly made me happier than I've been all week. He and the other members love us so much. 😊
But then my heart began to ache. He is so adorable and loving, but he's overlooked. Unappreciated. So called fans dislike him and I can't fathom a reason why, he's perfection. My best friend isn't into Kpop but she recognizes a few names and can tell the difference between bts and any others I show her. To my disappointment, she always makes the distinction between J-hope and the others by calling him the ugly one....
I love him just as much as any other member, he just as beautiful as the rest of them. Beauty isn't the only things about them either, they are all extremely hardworking, talented men who love their fans more than what I've ever seen before getting into Kpop. That was a big thing to me, I felt special because I was their fan I like when I was a fan of other western artists.
I just wanted to make an appreciation post on this ball of sunshine. I probably rambled through all of it but I've been distracted while making this card so it probably isn't one cohesive piece.
I feel like I missed something because I keep seeing things about Jhope being under appreciated. But it's really upsetting, why do these kind of people have to exist and just bring all this hatred to this world that's supposed to be peaceful?😧
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@HayleyYates well I hope that posts gets drowned out because I need him even if everybody else suddenly starts hating him
Ugly!? you've gotta be kidding!! This handsome fluffball of sunshine can rap, sing and dance!!!! 😘😘😘
Ugly where?! He's my bias wrecker for good reason!