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Chan's eyes slowly opened. It was still day light but he wondered if it was the same day or if a day had gone by. He looked over and seen Junmyeon stirring, moaning a little as his eyes were trying to open. Off to the other side of him, Yixing was stretching. Chan stood up, stretching his long body making himself taller than anyone in whole group, but as he stretched he noticed that two members were missing. He went to the cubbie but there was no one there. He gazed around the room and seen the door was opened a little. When they were all awake, they made their way out the door. Stepping carefully, being as quiet as they could be, helping each other down the steps. Once at the bottom of the stairs, they all looked at the enormous door, contemplating how to get out open. "I wonder where those two went? They must have gotten out somehow..." Minseok said looking around. He walked over to the living room, peeking around the corner, no one was in there. Kyungsoo starting snapping his fingers, waving to them to come over. They all looked down the hallway, at the back door. He made a square sign in the air, then pointing at it. They all shook their heads. As they all got closer to kitchen, they heard voices. Jongdae, once again leading the way, peeking around the corner of the door. He seen the woman at the counter making something and then he seen a pair of legs dangling off the other side of the table. He could hear them talking and then SeHun started to laugh. All of a sudden, they hear someone whisper behind them, "What are you doing?" They all jump, some running into the kitchen. Baek starts to laugh, falling down on the floor. Chan hits him, "Where have you been?" Baek wipes the tears away, "I was in the living room when I seen you guys coming down. Your faces, it was too funny!" he said calming his laughter down. "Come on." He lead them to the table. SeHun called to them, waving happily as he munched away. Baek climbed up on the chair and helped everyone climb up. The little girl's grandma watched them, once they were all on top she placed plates in front of each of them. "How..." Chan said quietly Baek shook his head, "We tried, got as far as the porch outside that door, then we were caught." "Ya, don't forget about the cat and most important part." Sehun said all of a sudden, "We promised that we wouldn't try to run away." "Why would you promise that?" Kyungsoo huffed putting his food down. They looked back and forth at Baek and Sehun. Baek bit his lip. "She saved us. If she hadn't, we would've been cat food." Baek answered, his head hanging down. "Cccat... cat food?" Yixing stuttered. They all looked around "It's outside, waiting for anyone to go out." Sehun informed them. "Aaaaish" Junmyeon said sounding disappointed. "So... now what?" Sehun spoke up, "She promised to return us when the time came. So I'm not worried." he said happily. He looked back at the woman, "The pretty ahjumma said it's only for a day." Minseok shook his head while looking at Sehun and chuckled, "Oh Sehun, always believing the pretty ones." They all laughed a little. Sehun turned back around, his cheeks flushed a little. "Did she say anything else?" Jongdae asked. "She can't tell us anything or we'll remember and try to come back." Baek said. Sehun pointed at the back door, "That cat, she said that cat is being punished for having came back. What do you think that means?" He asked curiously, looking to the others for an answer. They sat quietly thinking about it. Jongin rolled his eyes, "He was human. He must've came back looking for them and she turned him into a cat." They all looked at him, wide eyed realizing it was true. Jongdae asked another question "Then why today of all days?" "It's the little girl's birthday. She's making a cake right now." Sehun reported, "So we're staying." "But she just saved you two, the rest of us can leave..." Jongdae continued, "right?" he looked at the others. "Don't be like that" Junmyeon said. "She says she's going to take us back, even the little one said that much. If it starts to look like it's not going to happen, then we'll have to find an escape. Agreed?" They all agreed.