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Chapter Eight

... I think I like Areum... JB's POV There's no way I could like a girl like her, NO WAY! She was not my type. Naui Seutail. I preferred rich girls with curves... Like Nari. Not Areum, I mean yes she is rich, but she's more like a potato. A cute potato? "No!" I shake my head. People are beginning to stare at me. I would to if I saw some crazy guy walking around the Ramen section talking to himself... The whole walk home, all I could think about was Mark comforting Areum and Areum crying. Her eyes were puffy, her cheeks were red, and her tears were like a never ending stream. I gripped the plastic bag in my hand tighter. What did Nari do to her? I had missed school for two days and all hell broke lose. I had asked Jackson what had happened but he was just as confused as me. All he said was that Monday night Nari had told people that Areum had a guy over at her house over the weekend, and then Tuesday when he got to school people had twisted what she said into something much worse. Walking into my apartment... (which was basically a small studio apartment with an even tinier excuse for a bathroom, on the top floor of a worn down apartment duplex)... I put the Ramen on the kitchen table and went over to my bed. The room was definitely to small for all the stuff that was crowded in it, but it was enough for me and my mom... at least that is when she decides to sleep at home. I looked at the pile of bills laying beside my bed, most of them were past due. I hadn't been able to pay the bills after I had told Nari I wanted to stop messing around with her. As I was sifting though some of the newer mail that had came in today the lights suddenly went off. "Shit," I said as I let out a frustrated sigh. I walked over to the light switch and tried switching it on and off... nothing. I walked over to the mini fridge and opened the door, it was off. Great, no electricity... again. I pulled out my phone and sent my mom a text. [Mom, we have no electricity. See if one of your friends will let you stay over at their place. I'm not staying at the apartment tonight.] I waited for 20 mins, no response. I went over to where my stuff was and packed a bag of things I needed to get ready for school tomorrow. I checked my phone one last time before heading out the door. I didn't know where I was going to go.. I usually stayed at Mark's place when things like this happened, but I couldn't stand the thought of seeing his face right now. Because whenever I saw his face, I saw Areum's too. Her head buried into his shoulder, with his arms around her. I gritted my teeth at the thought. I had been walking for half an hour, too lost in my own thoughts to notice that I was now standing in front of Areum's house. I looked a ways down the street and noticed my car was still parked in front of one of her neighbors house. Should I knock on the door or just leave? I fought with myself. I could take my car and go sleep some where else, or I could see if Areum will be a good ATM and let me sleepover for the night... I shot that idea right out of the sky. There is no way I am asking her if I can spend the night. NO WAY... As I turned to head towards my car I heared footsteps behind me. I turned around to see Areum walking up the street back to her house, her face still puffy from crying. She stops as soon as she sees me. "Jaebum, what are you doing here?" She motions to her house. "Umm.. I was in the neighborhood and decide to drop by and take out a loan." I said as a natural smirk appeared on my face. "I'm not in the mood," Areum said as she wiped her eyes, "Please just go, okay?" She started making her way up to her front door. I grabbed one of her wrists before she could make it past me. "Listen, I need a place to crash for the night. I promise you won't even know I'm here." I begged her. She looks like the life has been sucked out of her. She moves my hand off of her wrist and answers with a simple "Whatever" before she disappears into the house. I adjust the bag on my should and follow her into the house. I looked around, the house was well decorated and cleaned perfectly. I had only remembered a little of what her house looked like when I came over before, I was to wasted to remember it clearly. I walked over to the living room and threw my stuff on the floor and laid down on the couch... It was going to be a long night... Areum's POV I just wanted to sleep. Avoid everyone and everything, And just sleep... The sunlight lit up my face through the curtains hanging in my room. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I looked over at the clock, school started hours ago. I shrugged as I got out of bed and started getting ready. Even though school was the last place I wanted to be, I needed to go. I had to get into a good college or my parents were going to kill me. After making my way down the stairs towards the kitchen I saw breakfast was waiting for me. Eggs, bacon, and toast were all done to my liking. I sat down and just starred at the food. When and how? I thought to myself. As I looked at the plate some more I saw a corner of a piece of paper sticking out from underneath the plate. I pulled it out and read what was on it. Areum, Thanks for letting me crash at your place last night. Nice kitchen you got here, I might have to come over more so I can use it. Hope that left over cake wasn't anyone's... because it looked to good to not eat. Anyways, eat your food and then go to school... I'll see you there. -JB P.S. Bring me something to eat for lunch... your fridge is packed! Make sure it's something yummy!... Or else. :P A small smile danced on my lips. Even though Jaebum was a confusing jerk, he still was kinda sweet... it a weird way. After eating I threw a quick lunch together (only because Jaebum managed to make me smile this morning) and headed out the door. When I got to school I put everything away in my locker and headed to class. I was greeted by starring eyes as I walked into the classroom. Nari had daggers in her eyes, Minseo had an apologetic look on her face and Mark had a confused look as he starred back and forth from my direction to where Jaebum was sitting. Mrs. Lee had informed me that the seats had been rearranged and that my new seat was in the back left hand corner of the classroom... Right next to Jaebum. I looked down at the ground as I made my way to my new seat, I pulled out my things for class and tried to catch up on everything as fast as I could. Before I could even put paper to pencil Jaebum had slid his notes in front of me. "Here, I took these for you. Next time get to class sooner, my hand hurts taking all these notes." He said as he laid his head down. "Thank you," was all I could manage to squeak out. As Mrs. Lee continued on with her lesson, I continued taking notes on to the paper that had been given to me. I looked at Jaebum from the corner of my eyes. He looked at me for a few seconds and then closed his eyes. He must be exhausted, I thought. He normally doesn't do school work. Before I knew it, it was already time for our lunch break. So far today hasn't been too bad. I thought to myself as I went to my locker to grab my lunch. I had only been standing at my locker for 30 seconds when Jaebum made his presence known. His arm reached over and grabbed the lunch bag before I had the chance to. "So what did you make me to eat?" He asked as he sifted through the bag. "That's not all for you dummy." I said while reaching for the bag. Jaebum, being much taller, lifted the bag above his head out of my reach. Déjà vu much... I thought back to the time with the toilet paper. "Seriously?" I questioned him. "You're seriously going to eat my lunch too?" "You packed a lunch for yourself too?" he asked while lowering the bag just enough so he could peak inside, "What are we going to have a lunch date or something? Did you really want to eat with me that bad?" He asked with a smirk. "Will you just-" Before I could get the bag from his hand, another hand had appeared. It took the bag from Jaebum's hand and put it in my hands. I looked up to see who the hand belonged too. Mark. He handed the bag to me while placing himself between me and Jaebum. "Stealing girl's lunches now are we JB?" Mark said to JB. "It's not stealing if she made it for me you dumbass." Jaebum said through clenched teeth. "And why would Areum do that?" Mark asked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Because.." Jaebum started while looking over at me. "I'm sure you've heard, she's my girlfriend." GIRLFRIEND!?!? WHAT THE FFF- What did I miss this morning?!?!

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Girl, COUNT ME IN!!!
WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?! SINCE WHEN?!? Lol I know they aren't dating but still lol.
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WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! That came all the way out of left field!
Wow JB just decided to make her his gf 😂Poor Mark
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