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Arthur Note:
He spoke to me. He told me to write it and I listened carefully to every word he said. Hopefully, he'll return tonight to tell me more.

Junmyeon ran out of the house, he didn't know where to go only that he needed to get away. The scratches on his face stung in the night air, his chest hurt where her fists had pounded. His only intention was to end this peacefully, calmly but it didn't go that way. This girl had turned out to be crazy like a sasaeng. She was so sweet in the beginning but slowly she turned into a monster. So what did he expect, he had hoped she would see reason and had some maturity to admit it was over. It had been over between them for a while, she seemed to know that but she tried, he'll give her that much, she tried to work it out. His resistance seemed to only make things worse.

He drove away fast in his car. The street lights zoomed by like flashes from a camera. He regretted that this went this far, he kept telling himself he did what he had to. He regrets that the last image of her was her lying on the floor crying. He didn't want to go back to the dorm in this state, looking like he'd been in a cat fight. The others would question him. Only one person knew about this and what that relationship had been like towards the end. Before he knew it, he was parked in front Park Chanyeol's flat but Chanyeol wasn't home, he was at the dorm. In the end, this was the only place he felt he could come to, a place he felt a little safe at. He also knew if anything, if she tried to retaliate she would go to the dorm. Thankfully she didn't know where his parents lived or where any of the members lived.

He stepped off the elevator to Chanyeol's floor and quickly walked down the hall to Chanyeol's door. He looked around, making sure no one was around, quickly he reached above the door and grabbed the spare key. Chanyeol was smart enough to cleverly hide the key in a little slot. You would only be able to see it if you climbed up and looked. Chanyeol had showed him how to find it. He opened the door and slipped the key back into its place.

It was quiet inside. This place was truly a great place to live. Lots of privacy. There were at least a couple other celebrities living in the building that he knew of. Even he thought about getting a place here, mainly as a place to get away to. He took his jacket off and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

His face was a mess. Bruises on his chest were starting to appear. It scared him to see himself like this. He carefully wiped the blood away from the scratches and applied what medicine he could find in the medicine cabinet. His phone started to buzz from the other room, he ran to answer it.

"Hyung... Is everything okay?" someone asked on the other end.

Junmyeon swallowed the knot in his throat, "Chanyeol, I don't think I'll be coming back to the dorm tonight."

"Why? Did you give in and stay with her? Jun, she's no good for you. I'm afraid she might hurt you. You need to leave her, hyung" Chanyeol pleaded.

"It's not like that, I did break up with her. Its just that...it just didn't turn out good." Junmyeon said sadly, "Can you cover for me? I'm at your place if that's okay"

"Yes of course, stay there as long as you need. I'll come check on you later. Okay?" Chanyeol said feeling relieved that his hyung left that sasaeng.

"Thank you. We'll talk when you come. Good night." He barely heard Chanyeol say good night when he hung up.

Junmyeon wanted this night to be over with. He took a hot shower and then curled up on the couch with a warm blanket. A bed would have been nice but Chanyeol had turned his bedroom into a mini recording studio but since he only spent time here to write and compose, he didn't seem to care for a bed. He was grateful the couch was more comfortable than it looked and he fell asleep quickly.

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