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Your perspective Pairing: Jungkook x reader Warning: mature content, smut section
August 28th I woke up that morning pretty sore as the events of last night flooded my head. ~ "B-b-but but-" "Mackymoo, M, Macky. The only but I'm looking for is yours." I bit my lip as I knew I'd regret the decision to let him into the room. Oh boy was I wrong. I'd got pretty familiar to his room and I could tell just by the look on his face when the door swung shut again that I had chosen a good place to 'hide'. He was striding towards me while I backed up. My legs hit the front side of the bed but I was able to steady myself. "Jungkook-" "Nah, call me oppa"
I barely registered what he said as his lips came crashing down onto mine. His hands were deep within my hair while my hands lamely held at his sides. He obviously knew what he was doing as he pushed his body weight forward so that we both fell on top of the bed. "Kookie-" I hastily breathed out. "Still wrong" At this point, his hands slid down to my nape and were pulling me deeper into the kiss. He sharply pulled back to say, "if you call me by the right name then you get a reward" Reward? What could be more rewarding that kissing one of the most beautiful people on the planet? "Oppa~" Wasting no time, he threw off his shirt.
Damn boy. You could tell that he had worked hard to get those abs. I'm still not sure why he isn't confident about showing them. "Say it again babe" "Oppa" He slid off my shirt this time and a small breeze hit my stomach hard. It was probably from him staring at me like he was going to tear me apart. "Louder" "Oppa" I said raising my voice. His words replayed in my head from earlier - "Like hearing the other guys complain because you're moaning my name too loudly" I completely fazed out and hadn't noticed that he had removed his pants. Just boxers. JUST boxers.
Similarly to Jungkook, I was also now just in my underwear. "Let's see how long it takes for one of the boys to complain hmm?" He whispered in my ear before biting it. His soft kisses got heavier as he trailed marks down my neck. My head jolted back against the bed as the kisses worked their way down to my stomach. Kookie chose then to dangerously look up at me. We made lustful eye contact just before he slipped off my underwear and attacked my clit. His hands held my legs out wide while his mouth got to work. Surely one of the boys was going to complain soon. "Ohmigod Oppa~" He rose up at the mention of him and slid his boxers off.
"You sure you're ready?" He asked. I just nodded, the only words I could manage were moans. His length sunk down into me, not forgetting the condom, and surprisingly he was the first one to moan this time. "Fuck Y/N" "Kookie oppa, shit" His pace picked up and the shouts became more frequent. Only after a minute or so, the pair of us could hear someone shout. I'm pretty sure it was Jin but to be fair it could have been any of them, I didn't know I was too fucked to know. "Shut up love birds" I wanted to giggle but my voice couldn't manage it. We both reached a well deserved climax but he didn't stop there. Most boys did, what else did he want?
He ran his soft fingers up my delicate skin and leaned up again to kiss me. This time our tongues went mental, it was as if we hadn't kissed in days. In reality we hadn't kissed for a matter of seconds. This wasn't like the first time we had sex, it was much rougher and definitely longer. I was a bit taken bad when he flipped us over so I was on top this time. I just sat there staring down at him, while sat just above his crotch. "Well go on then miss, I gave you control now" he smirked. "Bad decision" This was the first time we gave me the power to do what the hell I wanted, he wasn't going to take it easily. I started doing what he did and kiss all the way down to stomach. "You can't just copy-"
Grabbing his dick sure shut him up. "Oh oppa, I'm not copying I'm merely getting started" I whined cutely. I sat myself directly on top of him while making sure that he wasn't inserted. He looked confused at first but seemed fine just one second later when I was grinding on him. "You fucking tease Y/N" he moaned. After that, I took in his length once more before completely collapsing beside him. He kissed my forehead as my heavy eyelids threatened to shut. "You really are perfect" he sighed. "I could say the same to you" my words were even more staggered than his. "Sleep now Jagi, see you in the morning" ~ And that's how it played out.
Jungkook's sleeping form was too cute to wake up and so I headed for the kitchen to get some breakfast for him. I just started off with some coffee first considering we both needed the caffeine. "Don't I get one?" A voice interrupted me. Last time that was Jungkook who said it. This time it was Jimin. Wow, the roles really have reversed. "I can make you one if you like" "Nah, no worries I won't trouble you" I was about to leave with the drinks in my hand when Jimin's words made me stop. "Seems like you were at it pretty hard last night" I turned round to face his smug smile. "Chim!" I warned him, my tone being anything but friendly, "these hot drinks will be on you in a minute of you don't shut up"
"You wouldn't. I get revenge pretty easily" "Yeah and so do I" Out of the blue comment in 3,2.. "Was he better than me?" "I'm sorry what?" He stepped slightly closer to me, "I'm saying was Jungkook better than me?" I tried to rack my brain before simply stating, "yes he was but he learnt from the best hmm Chim?!" And with that, I left him to consider my statement. "Wakey wakey!" I called out to Kookie as I entered the room. He turned over in the bed and sat bolt upright when he recognised my voice. It was cute how his hair was in every direction except the one it should be in. "Morning Jagi. You got me hot-" "Coffee"
"What?" He pouted, "you got Jimin hot chocolate after.. You know.. So why don't I get hot chocolate?" "We need the caffeine Kookie" He still poured so I snuck in and kissed him briefly, "I'll get you hot coco later" He smiled uncontrollably. If only I could have stayed with him all day... I had to start preparing my album release. Press conference, interviews, teasers. The lot. Today, there were a few teaser photos taken. I always anticipate my fans' reactions to releases. One post caught my eye particularly. 'Just got over Legit, the teaser photos were lit as well and now there's an album coming' the post included a funny photo of a shocked/dying celebrity. It made me laugh so much. I always liked these kind of reaction memes. I wouldn't tell the fans but sometimes I do certain things on purpose so that they make it a meme - like a really derpy face.