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Plot: Why did it had to be him? You didn't choose him your heart did, and your heart wanted you to get hurt, it's all your hearts fall that you are in between the two most powerful gang leaders, of their schools, Also known as your brother and First Love.
*Alarm ringing* you got up, and headed down stairs to eat breakfast, when you finally made it to the kitchen, your father and mother started to laugh as soon as they saw your face. "What's so funny?" You asked "Sweetie go take a look for your self" you mom said pointing towards the bathroom. You looked into the mirror and saw your face, there was a mustache and a heart drawn in your face. "Grandma" you scream. Yes your grandma like to play this type of stuff on you, but it was only you, she seemed to only favored your two brothers. Your brother Shownu he was the gang leader of his school, he tried not to get in a lot of fights but it was hard due to the fact that he was really well known as a great fighter everyone wanted to fight him. Your younger brother Changkyun, well you guys were the same age,twins not identical to be exact he was a trouble maker always staring fights, always skipping school, he was part of his school gang, he wasn't the leader but he was good at fighting, well everyone in the family was good at it, your father is a Boxing and kickboxing teacher and has his own gym. Your mom works as a secretary for WH cosmetics.
Y/N POV I couldn't believe it why is grandma so mean to me, did I ever did anything to her? I taught as I was trying to take the ink of my face. "Y/N we are leaving there's breakfast on the table for you, make sure you eat and clean the house" my mom said. The reason why I have to clean the house is, I got suspended from school for a really unfair reason. I was at gym class, we were playing volleyball and the ball was thrown in my direction, so I tried to hit and I made my hand into a fist as I was going to hit it another girl comes out of the blue and I... Well punch her. She was knocked out and taken to the infirmary. Later after she was conscious again she came to the principals office,where you were sitting down, "So, y/n here tells me the punch was an accident what do you say Katie?" The principle ask her. Of course Katie had to be a bitch about it she said "No she did it on purpose" she answered back, "What!?, how is it my fault your stupid ass didn't see my fist, and got knocked out" you answer back anger at her lie. "Ms.y/n you are really close to being suspended, and yelling won't help you" the principal said, "well I don't care, it's her fault she got hit by my fist" you answer back "Well okay, you are here by now suspended from school into further notice, you may leave now" the principal said opening the door for me to leave. And now thanks to that bitch of Katie I'm stuck home doing chores all day and getting tricked by grandma. *Minutes later* (Phone is ringing) "Hello" "Y/N, is Changkyun home?" My father asked. "No he left for school already,why?" "Well he didn't went to school, I just got a called from them and his not in class" "typical kyun" you said, when your father didn't answer you knew what was going to happen. "Y/N~ could you" "Yes I'll go get him and send him to school" you interrupted him "Thank you sweetie" he said before hanging up. "Bunny, do you need my help?" Shownu asked. "No, I can handle him" you answer with a smile. "Okay, but if you need help call me" "Fine I will" you said
*At the Arcade* You got to the arcade kyung always went to when he skipped school. And there he was having a great time playing games. I took a look at the room, most of the boys I knew but there was one that was laying down, his head was on a girls lap. Kids now a days not going to school to get some ass, you taught. "Hey, Changkyun-Na~" you said with the sweetest voice you could make. He turned around and look at you with an annoying look "what do you want!" He said "Aww, don't be mean" you said while pouting. "I'm not going to school, so if your here for that reason you can go now" "Well, I have to take you no matter what" you answer rolling your sleeves up. Changkyun decided to run away but you catch him, of course he wasn't going to make thing easy, and of course it was going to be noisy. Changkyun and you were fighting and arguing when someone kicked a chair towards you both. You turned around and saw the guy that was laying down, stand up and walked towards you, grab you my the collar of your clothes, and said "who the hell are you?"
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