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Designers For A Day

327 words Taehyung one-shot This is just a short story, supposed to be funny (⌒▽⌒)
I woke up to see an empty spot beside me. Where did Tae go? I slowly dragged myself out of bed before taking a look around. 07:00? What in the name of all things holy was he doing up at this time? I followed the light from downstairs and saw Tae sitting on the kitchen floor...cutting clothes up? "Ah Tae oppa! What are you doing?" "Jungkook taught me how to do it! It's cool right? "Uh..." "Jagi?...." "Imma go back to sleep" "Noooooo will my killer aegyo change your mind?" "Tae oppa...." "BBUING BBUING JAGIYA LOVE MEEEEE" "JESUS CHRIST CALM DOWN! I LOVE YOU OKAY? YOU ADORABLE LITTLE ANGEL...who's cutting up stuff" "Sit here!!!" I sat beside Taehyung as he showed me the ropes. "Now you try!" "Okay.." I tries to cut the shirt like Taehyung told me to but it looked like a shark took a bite out of it... "I can't..." "You can jagi!!" "I can't cut the line smoothly...it looks like a shark took a bite of it!" "BWAHAHA IT DOES ACTUALLY!!" Taehyung said as he laughed so hard, he hit his head off the oven door handle. "Serves you right oppa" I said, sticking my tongue out. He messed up my hair before grinning again. "Okay jagi, imma show you again... this is how you hold the shirt properly, now..." He took my right hand into his as we held the scissors together before cutting it. "Just like that!" I smiled as I saw the end result. "But Tae oppa...." "Yes?" "Don't you think that's too many holes?" I said as I held up the now practically ripped shirt. "Nah, there's less holes in this shirt than there is in yours- I mean..." "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" "SOMEONE CUT UP YOUR SHIRT..." "WHO?" "BEATS ME" "KIM TAEHYUNG!" "NAMJOON PROBABLY...YOU KNOW GOD OF DESTRUCTION? OR MAYBE REGINA FROM THAT MOVIE...MEAN GIRLS?" "Imma give you 10 seconds to run"


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