It has already been a week since I saw Taehyung oppa. I didn't want my feelings to get revealed, so I kept on running away from him. I could tell that he wanted to talk to me, but I didn't know what he wanted to talk about. It was going to be awkward anyway. There was a surgery I had to do with him.... WHY Since he's new to the hospital, he was just going to be an assistant for now, and then move on to a surgeon. just to make sure, he knows everything. As I walked to the washing station, I saw him washing his hands and his arms. I walked up to him and said, "I hope we have a good surgery together." He nodded his head and went into the room. As I washed my hands I felt myself being a little nervous. It was going to be our first surgery together, and it had to be good. I spread my hands out to wear the gown and put my gloves on. Taehyung oppa already did the preparations we need, so I went straight to the important part. "Scalpel." He handed me it, and the doctors were watching us do our surgery. As we did our surgery, I was able to hear them talking about us. 'They work really well together' 'They're the best duo so far' Everyone gave out compliments, and were almost awed at our teamwork. I mean.... We were one of the best students in class. The surgery was a success, and it was a good time to prove that Taehyung oppa was a good doctor. As we walked out the room, he suddenly grabbed my wrist and turned me around. "Y/n, can we talk? Please.." I couldn't help but go with him. He was too pleading. We walked to the hospital garden and faced each other. He smiled a little and looked straight back to the floor. "Y/n-ah, I want to talk to you about... us." I looked into his eyes a little flustered. "Y/n-" "If it's about our past, then don't worry. I'll be able to manage my feelings. I'm not stupid to get my personal feelings interfere with my work." He looked a little frustrated. Maybe that wasn't something he wanted to talk about. "Y/n, do you hate me?" His eyes were sad. They were different. He was always bright and energetic, but these days he looks different. Sad Guilty Hurt. I tried not to put emotions in my answer, "No." He let out a relieving sigh. "Can I forgive myself?" I was confused. Forgive himself for what? "what?" "From the moment I left you, I.. wasn't able to forgive myself..." I started to feel tears trying to fall out from my eyes These tears weren't coming because I missed him, It was because I was mad. I clenched my fists to stop my voice from shaking. "You... If you weren't going to forgive yourself like that.. Then, why did you... WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!!!" My tears already started to fall out. It was too late. I revealed my feelings to fast. "Y/n-ah.." "You know how much I tried to forget about you? I always thought, 'He had his reasons, he'll come back,' I waited. I waited and waited. But what was my result? No one knocking on my door, ringing my doorbell. No one to hug me, no one to kiss me, no one to be with me. At one point of my life, I wanted to hate you. I wanted to hate you so bad. But I couldn't. You were too good to hate. We were too good to hate." He stared at me flustered. His facial expressions told me that he wasn't expecting this at all. He roughly pulled me in for a hug. I hit him with my fists trying to pull away, but he held me tightly, not letting go. He whispered, "Hit me, hit me all you want." I cried my heart out. I let out everything I had to go through by myself. After we solved all the problems and work, I invited him to my house. I handed him some herbal tea to calm down both of us and looked at him. He was beautiful. His sparkling eyes, sharp nose, lovable lips, perfect jawline. It was all the same. But, I had to ask a question. The main reason why I invited him here. "Oppa.." "Yeah?" "Can I ask you a question?" "Yeah." I put my tea down and looked straightly in his eyes. "Why did you leave me? You didn't want to... I saw it that day. You left leaving regrets." He blinked several times, his eyes were looking for a place to rest them. I needed to know. Taehyung's P.O.V. "Can I ask you a question?" "Yeah." "Why did you leave me? You didn't want to... I saw it that day. You left leaving regrets." I stopped everything. I knew this day would come but, I didn't expect this to come so fast. But telling her was the right thing to do. The thing I needed to do. "It all started with-"
I'm dead ,I'm dead why ? because if this cliffhanger it just killed me completely. like why would you end it like that why (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ I just.... I don't even know how to react to this cause the feels are way to strong and all over the place and I have all this questions like why did he her? was it for some else? was he really sick and he didn't want to let her know and he perferd to be the bad guy for her? was he threatened to leave her? I just want to know what is the reason for him to leave like that ( ̄◇ ̄;) (ಥ_ಥ) ヽ(´□`。)ノ
What reason could he have to leave?
no!!!!😭😭 Why a cliffhanger!!! I don't know why but I feel like another girl got involved with him so that's why he left.