"It all started with a text." >FLASHBACK< I was coming back from a date with y/n. It was 7 days before the breakup. As I changed clothes, I got a text from an unknown number. 'I love you.' And it sent pictures of us together. The pictures were taken from a far view, but you were able to see who was who. It freaked me out. They were pictures that were taken from the morning. Even when y/n was waiting for me. There was someone that was following us. A stalker. After the photos, the person sent a text saying: 'I WILL KILL' I ignored it and tried to think it was a prank someone did in one of our classes, But that person sent me a text the next day. Me and y/n didn't meet that day, but it was all pictures of y/n. 'I WILL KILL' I panicked. There was probably a reason to why this person is sending me this. There might be an answer to stop this whole chaos. Of course, I didn't let y/n know but, It worried me like hell. This situation went on for 6 days and finally the most scariest thing happened. The person sent me a picture at 11:00 in the nigh It took a picture of her sleeping Inside her room. Holding a knife. The mirror next to her bed reflected the person. It was a person wearing all black. I couldn't figure out the face. And it sent. 'I WILL KILL' I was shaking. I finally texted, "what do I have to do?" He sent one right away. 'break up with her. You will be the reason to her misery.' Everything was unbelievable but, I couldn't let her get killed. So, I decided to break up with her. I cried all night and all day. I practiced how I was going to act in front of her. The thought of leaving her alone, leaving her without me, felt like there was something burning through my heart. I finally made my mind. The next day, I did it. "Y/n... I think we should break up." And I left her.. On the ground, sulking, wet, screaming my name. I ran as far as I can get, and cried. Crying was the only thing I was able to do. Helplessly. I finally got a text from that piece of shit. 'Good' That's what it said. After giving me pain, that's what it said. I threw my phone at the wall, making it shatter into pieces. As I walked in the rain, I saw a shadow following me. I was able to sense another human behind me. I walked faster, and it walked faster with me. I ran, and it ran with me. After running, I reached a big wall. A dead end. I turned around and there it was. "WHO ARE YOU!!" It took off it's hood, and I saw a girl. A girl. She looked familiar. "Oppa... Don't you remember me?" She started to creep up, I clasped the wall and screamed, "GET AWAY" "Don't worry, I know you so well, You were born in December 30,1995...." And she started to talk everything about me. "PLEASE!!!! GET AWAY!!!" I couldn't even call 911, because I shattered my phone. She came closer, and touched my face slowly and move my hair out of the way. We were both dripping wet, but I started to get a vision. I knew that girl. She always sat next to me in class. I didn't hate her, she was smart, but I never talked to her. "Oppa, You love me right?" She was filled with false imaginations about me and her. I answered, "NO" She pinned me on the wall and screamed, "TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!!!!!!!" And she forcefully kissed me. As I tried to get away from her, she pulled out a knife and stabbed me. I pushed her out of the way and ran away. Holding my wound I started to slow down, but at that time I saw a police station, and ran in there. I yelled, "THERE'S A STALKER THAT'S FOLLOWING ME!!!" They hurried and checked all the cctv's and found the one where we were just at. The officers quickly looked for her, guessing she would be in this area. They found her holding a knife screaming, "TAEHYUNG OPPA LOVES ME! GET AWAY!!" We were all waiting for the ambulance to come, but before it came theyy did emergency treatment to treat my wound. As the officers tried to stop the bleeding, The bitch came in to the station and as soon as she saw me, she crawled over to me and tried to lick me. "OPPA!! I KNOW YOU WANT ME!! I KNOW YOU WANT ME!!!" And I knocked out. I woke up at the hospital and the police told me her history: She has been liking me for a while and she started to imagine that I liked her. Her imagination became her reality. When I started to date y/n, she found out her house and her password." She found out my phone number through connections. And she wanted me to break up with y/n, so she sent me those threats. But she stated, "If he didn't break up with that bitch, I would've still killed her." I moved out of that area and went to a countryside, where no one would find me. My conscience knew I did the right thing, but I missed y/n so much. I couldn't forgive myself for leaving her like that. Dripping wet, hurt, thrown away. I'd rather get stabbed and die from that bitch and see y/n get ripped. But, I held that hope. She was alive. If she's alive, We'll meet. No matter what happens.
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Sorry guys... I read this again, and I see so much spelling mistakes and errors~ 😫please forgive😫❤️
I was right he got threaten but I'm sad that I got it right cause just the thought that some people really do shit like that in real life it's juts ugh but anyways the cliffhanger tho why just why now that she knows will she go back to him? does he want her back? can they be happy again? I mean that bitch is in jail so she can't harm her or him anymore right? ugh so many questions I'm going to go crazy and the feels don't help either ∪ˍ∪ (⌣_⌣”)
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Tag me please!
@KendraReeve 👍🏻 got u on the list already~^^