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so apparently my support mod got banned for just having an opinion and a anime he dislikes and some of the fans reported him, Vingle is supposed to be a nice safe haven where everyone can have their say on what they like and don't like that doesn't mean you report them! and for those who reported him you need to be ashamed of yourselves, we are supposed to be a family not someone gets offended because they don't like them now I'm missing a mod just because of it
SAO is terrible cause after the first season, it turned garbage, nothing but fan service, it was his opinion and you SAO fans had no right to report him just cause he doesn't like SAO and I'm a SAO fan too, don't get me wrong, I liked it untill after the 1st season, it's his opinion, not yours, you can't make everyone like what you like
@Mcboss I know, it's retarded and I wish people would stop being like this, no one can change another person's opinion to their liking and it it retarded that they banned him just for saying "SAO is shit"
oh no i gave a opinion please don't ban me
@KillerJuggalo38 ya i can't beilieve he/she got banned for that but i guess this is now the anime community were we can't have opinions
@Mcboss it's just an opinion, it's not a fact, it's not a fuckin law, it's what they feel and think, fuck you SAO bitches that got my friend banned
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