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The Other Day (Regarding The Newest Fairy Tail Manga Chapter..) I got really sad and began to listen to Music... Then 21 Pilots came on doing a Cover of Elvis Presley's song Can't Help Falling In Love... I broke down completely. The Lyrics hit me like I never knew they could and all I could think about is how much this song reminded me of Juvia❤ I can imagine her singing this to Gray... So in dedication to them I made this. Enjoy❤

Credit to All of the Artists❤

Gif Edit Done by AimeBolanos/Me❤

Lyrics By : Elvis Presley❤

Here is the 21 Pilots Cover for those who would like to cry.. I mean.. hear the song❤

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ohh ok haa nice hmmm i try to watch fairytale but idk the action doesent catch me im on episoide 8 now i think
@AimeBolanos does the action get better? and when are the canons start?
@NathanBryden How about you watch it to find out lol. The action in my opinion is good and along the way the Animation also gets better so I recommend it and the canons start in the Manga but the romance does exist during the anime
ohh ok hmm ok ima ready it^^ @AimeBolanos. n watch later
I heard that song by Elvis for the first time this year and immediately downloaded it. I know exactly where you're coming from