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Today it's all about our Chicago boy Peniel. He is usually the quietest member of BTOB, because Korean is not his first language.
Peniel runs his own Vlog, and it's a lot of fun to watch. Usually it's in English, but if he's asked a question in Korean, he answers in Korean. On his vlog, one can see his true personality come out, especially when he's with friends that speak English. Peniel is good friends with f(x)'s Amber, and they are just hilarious together.
Peniel and Amber trying the Chubby Bunny challenge.
The whisper challenge.... Aren't they cute together??
Peniel loves skinship and being touched. All the members touch him, but it looks like MinHyuk and Sungjae do it the most. Just by watching the videos, you can tell Peniel and Sungjae are best friends.
Peniel is a good sport about things. I know it has to be weird for him sometimes. They do a lot more cross dressing in Korea than we do here in America. He just goes with the flow and makes the best of it. This is the partial clip of the maknae line getting dressed up.
Peniel doesn't usually have a lot of parts in their songs, and a lot of his rap is in English usually. He said he doesn't mind though....maybe as he gets more and more comfortable, he'll sing and rap more.
Peniel is just adorable. How can you not want to pinch his cheeks.
Peniel released his first mix tape not too long ago. Please listen to it and support him and BTOB. I will leave you with Peniel dancing.....ah, I like watching him.
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When I first got into btob Peniel was bias right away because he is so precious!