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Hi everyone! So as you can see in the title of the card, I will be talking about the JYPxSoompi auditions. Upon seeing the audition announcement on twitter, I ran to go look more into it. Given that school has started back up, I was on a crunch for time. Juggling 3 AP classes, looking up/applying to colleges, looking for work, and starting up a club at school, left me no time to prepare for my audition. I tried out so many songs that I can not count them on my fingers. From older songs like "Fate" by Lee SunHee to newer songs like "Answer" by Jimin Park and "In the Same Place" from Produce 101. Eventually, I settled on "Yonghwa Bridge" by Zion.T. At 2:00 am, it sounded like the best cover in the world and I didn't mind my image but now, I can't even bring myself to watch the video because I am scared of the outcome. I don't fit the desired image of most K-idols now. I am over-weight (by a lot) and I am not Asian ( I am very much Jamaican with dark skin). I'm scared on how they might perceive me. I know looks play a huge role in the decision and I am really hoping that JYP is willing to look past my looks and listen to my voice. But then that's another problem. I hate how I sound sometimes and that was why I couldn't settle on a song. I tried so hard to sound good but I... don't know.
I originally did not want to share it with anyone but I need another's opinion.
Should I delete the video and just audition at another time?
Please be honest
It take alot of courage to audition in the first place. uploading a video us half the battle. Personally, you say it was late into the night you did this. your voice sounds very soft almost as if you were trying to sing quietly. but you sound nice, so I'd say you're already half way their by uploading a video, I'd say take the leap and see what happens lol
I think you have a nice voice; you just need some more confidence. I don't think you should take it down. Even if it doesn't get picked, you can still audition later.