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Y/N Pov "And then.......Top...TOP" I looked up to find him typing away on his cellphone screen, this whole time I've been talking to myself. He sat on a chair that had wheels and I stared at him annoyed, cross crossed on the couch."Aish" I quickly grabbed his phone and put it in my bra. "What it is this?" He groaned. "Maybe this way you'll actually listen."I suggested. "Just because you have my phone between your boobs you don't think I'll go for it ?" He smirked. I scoffed,"You wouldn't." "Have you met me?" He took a long stride until he ended up In front of me and I stepped back. I ran for the door laughing and he quickly picked me up, with his arms wrapped around my chest. "Give me my phone." He threatened. "No." He chuckled,"You really want me to go for the phone despite its location huh." "Noo......" He squished my chest harder and the phone fell out and I let out a squeal.Just as It landed on the floor a knock startled me. "Top, are you busy?" Top looked at me and grinned releasing me on the floor. He returned to his seat and I rubbed my breasts and sat on the couch. I stuck my tongue out at him as he spoke. "No, come in." "Hey,Jiyong." I sat on the couch trying to play it cool. I didn't make eye contact because I was embarrassed ,thinking about the position I put myself in earlier , and the way Top's arms felt around my breast. I felt my cheeks get hot. GD just stared at me curiously and smiled amused by my behavior." The members want to go out and eat before the concert, do you want to come?" "Oh okay, yeah just let me change." GD looked right at me raising his eyebrows chuckling."With her here?" "Noo don't even think about it, I was just leaving." I got all red on my face and swayed my hands. GD just laughed at how flustered I got. I got up the couch and dismissed myself. I hugged Top, punched GD playfully and I left. He just smirked at how flustered I got.As I walked away I heard GD say,"Just date her already." Then I recognized Top's deep voice." Why did you scare her away?" He said with a hint of laughter, all the members especially Top enjoyed teasing me. I meet Top at a very young age, we are childhood friends and went to the same school. We've known each other since elementary but parted in during high school when he became a trainee for a big company to pursue his dreams. I was heartbroken but I supported him. We lost contact after he left. After a couple of years I went to one of his fan meetings and he recognized me almost immediately and we exchanged numbers. I was told by the members that he was all smiles that day. Top was there for me when everyone else wasn't and he protected me. I was the only child and lived my whole life without a father. Top was like my older brother and filled in the spaces that my father was never there to fill. We acted quite different but we still had a lot of things in common. For one, we were both very playful. A lot of people misunderstood us because of this, they thought it was flirting. Nowadays guys and girls can't get along comfortably. We just laughed at people who thought we were flirting or thought we were a couple. One time we decided to prank Top's members that we were officially dating. Their reaction was ridiculous, they didn't even act surprised. Unbelievable! We could never be a couple, it would just make things awkward right? I mean Top has gone into my heart deeper than anyone else other than my mom, but Top wouldn't have those type of feelings for me, he saw me just as a little sister. My phone buzzed in my back pocket. I answered and one of my favorite voices replied,"Why did you leave ? You don't want to go out and eat with us?" I smiled,Top probably thought I felt left out,'"Yeah but no one offered and GD was making feel uncomfortable always putting me on the spot, I'm going to G Drag his ass one day." I heard a sudden group of laughter in the background including Top's and I chuckled myself too. "I heard that!" "You're too much, Y/N, I'll send you the restaurant's address and I'll see you there." Top never failed to brighten my day. I'm thankful to have him in my life and who knows maybe we can go farther in our relationship.
I just felt like writing a one shot and since I have never read a fanfic on Top. *please excuse any grammar errors Fanfic Crew @VatcheeAfandi99 @Mavis2478 @Eli20 @mrsax2018 @Miss148 @RubyDusky @otakukpoper @JaxomB @resavalencia @amethystiperez @chenisbaekasy @JasminMartinez @kimnam94 @JackieG1617 @ManaiaPio @EmilyCayetano @TaraJenner THANK YOU FOR READING 😊
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