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Kai and Krystal having a wonderful date together! Look how happy he his....He finally gets to be a boyfriend!! GO KAI AND KRYSTAL!!
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i love Kai & Krystal but isnt he supposed to be resting. if they did do that how did he ran away. those escape games arent easy. with a cast on his foot it wouldnt be any easier.
and if that is the case and he is better y in the hell is he not going on vacation to Hawaii???
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but then y arent Yixing Chanyeol i understand Baekhyun due to his drama. and Tiffany due to her thing. but i guess i cant say much more since they r already here.
This is still pretty sad that their privacy was leaked. Not surprised there.
I love them so much.... I feel bad saying this but I want to see more pictures of them together. They are so cute but I must respect their privacy.....
I love them together but is it bad I still have hope for Kaisoo and Krymber? XD