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Hyuna is my favorite member of 4Minute for plenty of reasons. She isn't afraid to be sexy (and let me tell you that she is)
She is just so cute and adorable! How can she be both?!?! I don't understand!!!
She is also human just like us and can have some pretty hilarious derps that's are fantastic if you ask me.
Let's never forget some of these wonderful quotes. She's just such a strong person, even when people try to beat her down.
On the topic of her being strong there is always this. Her tattoos says "My mother is the hearts, that keeps me alive". I really like this tattoo and I know it has really deep meaning for her. I don't know if a lot of people know but her parents are divorced. I personally know how hard that can be and I think she is pretty open with it so I think people can look up to her if they have issues like this.
I'll end this here because I don't want to rant forever so to sum it up. I love you Hyuna and thank you for making my life better.
@kpopandkimchi thanks for this opportunity to rant about my ray of light. I will continue participating for the rest of this week.
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