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The Zombie Apocalypse is Starting in...Korea?!

I don't know how I got there, but I watched World War Z last night.

I obviously knew there would be zombies...but no one told me the zombie apocalypse STARTED IN SOUTH KOREA!

and not like cute Korean zombies like in Twice's OOH AHH video...


That's not how it happened in the book it was based on, but for some reason the director decided South Korea (specifically a military base just an hour south of Seoul) to be the first place that zombies seemed to be found...

and what drives me crazy is that NO ONE EXPLAINED HOW IT HAPPENED.

Not really a spoiler, but at the end of the movie you still don't know what caused it...

So is Korea where the zombie apocalypse will start?

Where was Jackson and why didn't he stop this!?

Knowing Jackson, he probably befriended the zombies.
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Jackson most likely ran home scared. cause he a chicken. or tried to make friends with them. lol
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This post made my day.
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I am a "zombie freak" as well... but if you can remember, they said they "found d him" and did not know what was up. according to research and history. for some reason it's been said that the "Z Apocalypse" will, begin in SK. I beg to differ... I believe it will begin in the NK, and trickle down... still very scary. as in the new movie "train to busan" that movie is solo scary, because the entire military is taken out by zombies. oh, and in WWZ, it's rabies, that start it, since mosquitoes and flies are parasites and can travel great distances in a few short hours, it's mosquitos and flies bc if you look at the beginning scene, when they get hit, there in the garbage truck a man is turning and his sand which "food" is on the dashboard... just like in the movie 28 days later. it's rabies and flies.
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that movie scares the FIGHTING OUT OF ME!!!
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