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That's right.... I didn't forget >:D (almost did) Now for some evenings I'm sure there weren't people assigned to them at all, while for others either couldn't think of a topic, didn't have the time, or simply forgot. (Unless those cards were made, and in that case I was not sorry in advance (´∀`) )
Onto the question for this evening: Were you ever inspired by any anime, manga, or fan-fiction to create your own story of some sort ? [[Whether it be a light novel or a short story....etc. ]]
Thank you for viewing this card~! Discuss in the comment section below your answer, if you have one that is. Furthermore a big shout out to @hikaymm, who was inspired by @Boinx, for coming up with this idea for the month of August in order for us to grow closer to one another in the Vingle community~ Nakama peeps: (if you are not tagged, then let me know if you would like to be tagged in future cards I make~) @CandyApple22 @arnelli @biancadanica98 @SunnyMing94 @Kell13 @OtakuDemon01 @Mikuzaki1 @SimplyAwkward @AutumnWind @HiwaRasul @MimiBumble01 @DestinyAgnew
I think the answer for me would be yes... I've been plenty inspired to try my own hand, but I'm not very creative, plus life keeps me busy, so I've never acted on it😔 PS I think you tried to tag me but got a little mixed up😉
Omg I thought people forgot about this 😂 but alot of animes inspired me, such as wolf children, SAO (I love the concept of it :3), and probably Tokyo Ghoul, there are others but I can't think of it 😄
@SunnyMing94 Noice noice (^v^)
during the paramount war in one piece the legnths whiteboard went for ace and his true love for his sons and his family and it reflected to me on how i am with my friends, family and nakama
Back in high school I wanted to be a mangaka, I actually developed a really great story line and characters. All of my friends and other people that'd catch a glimpse of my work all wanted me to succeed in it, and would want to see it actually come alive through JUMP. Maybe I'll start working on it again once I build a team 😋
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