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Fifty-Ninth Group: B.I.G (Boys In Groove)
Debuted: July 8th, 2014
Latest Comeback: May 16th, 2016
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Members: (5)
Name: Im Jung Hoon
Stage Name: J-Hoon
Birthday (Year only): 1990
He is the Leader and a vocalist.
Name: Bae Jae Wook (Benjamin Jaewook Bae)
Stage Name: Benji
Birthday: 1992
He is a vocalist.
Fun Fact: He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana (United States.) (He's from the same state as me!) But later relocated to another state.
He also plays the violin.
Name: Lee Gun Min
Stage Name: Gunmin
Birthday: 1994
He is a vocalist.
Name: Gook Min Pyo
Stage Name: Minpyo
Birthday: 1994
He is a rapper.
Name: Yu Hee Do
Stage Name: Heedo
Birthday: 1996
He is the Maknae and a rapper.
Which song is your favorite?
Who is your favorite member?
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@MattK95 힘내요
Gookmin😍😍 but they're all wreckers
at first I didn't have a bias but Heedo and his voice won me over