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Well Good Hello Everyone! Daly here =^-^= As I said before, This is where I will be summarizing my KPop thoughts of the week. Whether it be memes I've seen, videos, or dramas; It will vary by week. I think I will do 3-5 topics a week! If you are interested in being tagged comment below and I will create a tag list!

1. Cute EXO: Baek and Lay

Can I just say, these two are adorable! I was having such a hard time watching this because I was squirming because of all the cute moments! This, in my opinion, shows that these two are more like family than just being team members.

2. We Bare Bears 🐻🐼

I think this is so cute! A while ago, Taeyang from BigBang posted this on his Instagram! I was looking for this for a long time! Finally found it y'all. Let's be honest, the Bears represent the levels of understanding that we all are, and wish to be lol from Panda ➑️ Grizz ➑️ Ice Bear. Also, the second thing is someone who translated the spoken Korean lol

3. Bom, you amazing individual!

Same Bom, sammmmeee! Food is life πŸ˜πŸ’•

Ok, so I've always loved Bom. And to be honest, I miss her. BUT!!! I will always be waiting Bom! You and me click on a different level lol

4. Kim Heechul, why can't I have your confidence level?!?!

Yeaaahhh... I'm not a very confident individual. I will gladly admit that, I often double guess myself or have to ask for someone's opinion. Especially when it comes to dressing up differently.. For the most part, I'm a jeans and T-Shirt type of girl but I'm starting to leave my comfort level and I look at Heechul for inspiration, as weird as that may sound. This sass machine shows me to believe in myself. I hope y'all can feel that way too!

That's my weekly round up y'all ! I hope you like my insight and opinions on these! See y'all next week!

Have a good Sunday everyone! πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ½οΈπŸ’•