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I'M BACK!!! Thank you to the amazing people who wished me the best. I missed everyone so much. SO to make it up tell me a fanfic character youd like to read about! :)
I had trouble finding this story since the tumblr acc changed.
Enjoy! :)
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‘Please stop.’ He thought to himself as he peered at the both of you cuddled onto the couch. He leaned against the wall, his arms cross and his face blank as he watched Jimin caress your hair softly, listening to your laugh when he whispered something in your ear. Yoongi closed his eyes, pursing his lips together, hearing your laugh echo around the empty living room again, a sting shooting through his heart as he stalked to the kitchen, both yours and Jimin’s attention focused on him as he slammed the refrigerator door closed.
“Hyung? Is something the matter?” Yoongi merely looked up, giving Jimin a hollow look as he turned his glance at you as you looked back at him with empty eyes, remembering how they used to hold so much love when you were together, now only seeing the pain and sorrow they held when you met glances.
“You wouldn’t understand.”
He grunted, collapsing onto his bed as he wrapping himself in his covers, Nari-Hye quickly putting on some clothes and smirking at him. “That was so boring.” She said, causing him to shrug. “Since when have I cared about your pleasure?” He retorted, giving her a blank stare as he scoffed.
She crossed her arms, giving him a harsh glare as she collected her things. “Last time I checked, you were the one begging for me when your little girlfriend was off sulking.”
“That was a mistake. This whole thing is a mistake.”
“Well, your little mistake caused you a girlfriend, was it worth it? Sure was for me.” She said and gave him a little wave, giggling obnoxiously. “See you later, boyfriend.” She said tauntingly, shutting the door behind her.
“See you later, devil spawn.” He mumbled, rubbing his hands over his face as he groaned loudly. “This is so stupid.” He mumbled as he stood up from his bed, putting on a pair of boxers, heading out of his room.
“Have fun in there?” You asked softly, your back turned to him as you quietly made three cups of coffee. He froze in his place, his eyes widening slightly as he saw you in jeans and a large t-shirt, one that didn’t belong to him.
“How long have you been here?”
“Long enough.” You said and turned around, placing a cup in front of him before turning back to continue making the other two. He felt his stomach do flips as he stared at you, causing you to sigh and slam the spoon onto the counter.
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”
‘I wish I could’, he thought to himself as he quietly drank the hot beverage. He sucked on his teeth as he saw you turn around to face him, your back against the counter and your coffee in your hand.
“You remembered?” He said, tilting his head at you, a small smile making it’s way onto your face. “When don’t I. You lived for coffee after.. that.” You said teasingly, shrugging your shoulders as you took another sip.
He looked behind you and narrowed your eyes at the extra cup. “For Jimin?” He asked, already knowing the answer. You looked at it from over your shoulder, nodding with a smile on your face. “Yeah, when he wakes up.” You say and lift yourself onto the counter.
“Did you guys..” He trailed off, glancing at the shirt and dropping his head, rubbing his bottom lip with his tongue. You let out a small laugh, shaking your head at his reaction. “Stop worrying, we didn’t. I just didn’t have anything to wear.” You said and shrugged.
Yoongi looked at you in confusion, putting the cup down next to him and crossing his arms. “Why?”
You looked at him with a raised eyebrow, scoffing slightly. “Why what?”
“Why aren’t you yelling at me, spitting insults at me, throwing things at me? Why don’t you hate me?” He asked, throwing his hands up in frustration at your calm nature.
“I didn’t think you’d want me to hate you that much.” You said with a laugh, causing him to groan.
“Stop, stop acting like this doesn’t hurt.”
“Because it doesn’t-”
“Stop lying. You should hate me for cheating on you, breaking your heart, leaving you for someone else.” He said, pulling at his hair. “You should despise me, push me away, rip my heart to shreds.” He exclaimed, pinning you on the counter, watching you close your eyes and put a hand to his chest.
“Don’t do this.” You whimpered as you looked into his eyes, your glassy eyes pleading to his blank ones.
“I don’t love you, what don’t you get about that?” He hissed, shoving his way past you as he continued to gather some of his things. “You don’t get to plead your case, you don’t get to beg me to stay. You aren’t her.” He lied, biting his lip as he kept his back to you.
He felt you hug him from behind, your tears wetting his back as he struggled to fight the urge to cradle you in his arms. “Don’t leave me. I’m sorry I yelled, just don’t leave me.” You whimpered, cracking his heart slowly as he forcefully took your arms off him.
“Do me a favor and leave me alone.” He mumbled as he walked out the door.
“Then stop making me feel like this.” He said into your neck, leaving a small kiss on it. You let out a sigh as you tried to push him away, him being so much stronger than you are.
“I’m not doing anything.”
“Bullshit.” He hissed, pulling away to look at you, tilting your chin so your gaze met his.
“You drive me crazy. I left you, I wanted to forget you, but you always manage to slither your way back into my head. You haunt my fucking thoughts, you haunt me when I close my eyes, god dammit (Y/N). You make me love you so much.”
Your heart dropped hearing those words, gently cupping his cheeks in your hands as you lean in close to his lips, feeling his breath hitch.
“But I can’t love you back.”


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