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Chapter 29
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Over the next several weeks it was about the same thing everyday. Tuesday and Thursday you had cooking club and if you weren’t there you were hanging out with the guys in the music room. Eventually Ellin started coming to the music room and you started to get close to her. Nana still wasn’t talking to you much and you hadn’t heard from her at all in about two weeks. Even during gym class she was as far from you as she could be. You had been trying to figure everything out but decided it wasn’t worth it at this point. Sure you were depressed about it but you had been trying.
You thought that maybe it was because she was dating Seokjin that she was avoiding you. Things seemed to be going well between the two of them when you talked to Seokjin about it. You could tell he really cared for Nana and you hoped she felt the same. Your relationship on the other hand brought you complete happiness.
Everyday at lunch you would eat with Taehyung and the guys, enjoying your time. He would leave early to which you would walk with him up to a certain point, he would kiss you goodbye and you would grab Namjoon and Ellin then head back to the soccer field. After school he went straight to practice and you would do your thing. Though Wednesdays after school are what you really looked forward to.
You would always be the first to leave the music room and run to the bike rack to meet Taehyung. You couldn’t wait to see him. He always greeted you warmly with a wide smile and large embrace. Each time you saw him you fell more in love. When you met up sometimes the two of you would just study, other times you would go on an actual date. Every time you would see him he always looked excited to see you. He would hold you close, smile and joke with you the entire time. He would make sure that some part of him was always touching you. His hand holding yours, his arm linked with yours, or if you were sitting side by side his leg would be pressed against yours.
This last Wednesday while he was walking you home, Taehyung asked you out for the weekend. “Hey, so soccer is mostly over, we have a break. I would love to take you out on a proper date this weekend. What do you think?” Your face lit up at the idea, “Yes! Yes I would love to!” Taehyung laughed at your reaction and pulled you close, squeezing all of the air out of you. “How did I ever get so lucky,” he asked into your hair. You giggled, “I could say the same thing.” He slowly let you go and kissed your forehead lightly.
“Alright, well this Saturday I was thinking we could spend the day at the zoo. We talked about it on our first date.”
“We did didn’t we. You like things like the zoo.”
With a small laugh he grabbed your hand. “Yup. I want to go, just you and me.”
“Alright, sound good! Will I meet you there or...”
“I’ll come by and get you. We’ll walk to the train and then boom zoo.”
You laughed at his explanation and nodded in agreement. “It sounds amazing. I’m really excited.”
“Good me too.”
Taehyung’s smiling at you made you melt. You suddenly grabbed and pulled him behind a building away from the public eye. He chuckled lightly at you and covered his smile. “What do you think you are doing [Y/N],” he asked. “I wanted to give you a kiss but the street is so busy, I got embarrassed,” you said shyly looking down at the ground. He put his finger lightly under your chin bringing your face up to his. Slowly he brought his lips to yours giving you a passionate kiss. Chills filled your body and you tried your hardest to be even closer to him. He held you with one arm and supported your head with his free hand. A number of kisses were exchanged between the two of you before he pulled away from you slowly, his breath ragged. He looked down at you and rubbed your cheek lightly with his thumb. You smiled and pressed your head into his hand.
Taehyung POV
He was looking at [Y/N] adoringly. She was the first person to make him feel like himself. “I love you,” Taehyung said suddenly shocking himself. His heart was racing, face a bright red and he watched as [Y/N] stared at him in shock. ‘Shit shit shit. Did I seriously just say I love you,’ Taehyung thought, trying to figure out how to fix the situation. [Y/N] put her hand on his and smiled up at him. “Do you really mean that,” she asked with hopeful eyes. It was as if his chest felt light and free all of a sudden. Taehyung could feel the smile on his face widen to an extent he didn’t know was possible. With a breath of happiness he pulled [Y/N] and held her closely. “Yes. I love you [Y/N]. You mean so much to me.”
[Y/N] pulled herself up to his lips kissing him with everything she had, making Taehyung weak. He pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. He wanted his entire being to be sucked into her, he wanted her everything. Taehyung felt [Y/N] pull away from him slowly. He kept his eyes closed and rest his forehead on hers feeling his happiness grow. “I love you too, but I need you to take me home,” [Y/N] said suddenly. Taehyung playfully stuck out his bottom lip and pouted at [Y/N] attempting to pull her closer to him. She laughed and slapped his chest lightly. Taehyung started tickling her sides making her squirm and laughing at her. He had never felt so happy and he never wanted to leave this moment it was everything he ever wanted.
After taking [Y/N] home Taehyung would typically meet Nana to “play” but today he wasn’t in the mood. On his way from dropping [Y/N] off he pulled his phone out and started to send a text to Nana, but decided it wasn’t worth it and put it back in his pocket. When he was close to his own home he gets a text from Nana and ignores it. ‘This has to end,’ he thought as he opened the door and walked inside. The first person he sees is Jimin who gives him a look of disgust. Taehyung gave him a similar look before purposely bumping into him and walking to his room. The last thing he wanted was to be judged as soon as he got home.
About a week ago Jimin had caught Taehyung and Nana together as they were messing around. Jimin was enraged and punched Taehyung knocking him to the floor. Jimin cursed his name and Nana’s. Taehyung knew he shouldn’t have been doing what he was doing so Jimin yelling at him didn’t make him angry but he watched in surprise as Nana was able to shut him up. Taehyung watched from the floor as she said something to Jimin, so just the two of them could hear. He watched as Jimin’s face turned white with panic. Jimin wanted to say more to Taehyung but all he could do was say, “You need to tell [Y/N], now,” then walked out of the room.
Taehyung had been expecting Jimin to say something to [Y/N] since then but it’s been a week and he hasn’t. Their day to day lives hadn’t altered in any way. It made Taehyung wonder what Nana had over Jimin that made him keep quiet. Though ever since that moment Taehyung had been making an effort to see and talk to Nana less. He was getting tired of her games, they weren’t fun anymore. Taehyung also knew he was falling more and more for [Y/N]. Being with Nana made him feel guilty and Jimin constantly glaring at him didn’t help.
Taehyung threw himself on his bed and let out a heavy sigh. His phone started ringing in his pocket and he answered it without looking at the screen. “Hey [Y/N] shouldn’t you be getting ready for bed,” Taehyung asked feeling himself relax and smile. “[Y/N]!? This is Nana, where the hell are you,” Nana yelled into his ear.
Taehyung let out a groan feeling his mood sour. “Nana listen let’s not do this anymore.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m bored of you.”
Taehyung hung up the phone and tossed it onto his bed next to him. “So annoying,” he said as he rolled over on his side.
Nana POV
Taehyung suddenly hung up the phone leaving Nana standing on the street alone in their usual meeting spot. She let out a scoff, “What! Are you kidding me?!” She stomped her foot and let out another aggravated sigh. She stood there a moment before deciding to walk back to her house. Once she got to her room she slammed her door shut and messed with her hair in frustration. “I will not be thrown to the side Taehyung. You haven’t won this game,” Nana said as she sneered.
Nana pulled her phone out and quickly dialed a number. The phone rang about six times before they answered rudely, “What do you want?”
“Is that any way to treat your friend Jimin?”
“You’re no friend. You’re a bitch. How dare you do that to [Y/N]! And Seokjin Sunbae for that matter!”
“Oh what like you’re any better? You haven’t said a damn word.”
“Yeah that’s what I thought. Now listen Jimin, I wouldn't be so rude if I were you. Remember I hold something very dear to you.”
“So I have something I need you to do.”
“No. I won’t be a part of your schemes.”
“Aw, sad. Guess i’ll just have to tell everyone about you and your boyfriend.”
“It would be such a shame for that to happen.”
“Please. Don’t.” Jimin sounded angry and upset. He was so scared she would actually tell everyone their secret.
“Then do me a favor.”
“I need you to bring [Y/N] to the edge of the science building in the garden on Friday after school.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Keep your secret if you do this for me. Don’t worry about the details.”
“You are the worst.” If Jimin could have spit on Nana he would have. He quickly hung up the phone before Nana could get another word in.
“He’ll probably be unreliable so I’ll have to try and get her to come on my own, but he’s a good backup.,” Nana said to herself. Satisfied with her handy work Nana lightly tossed her phone on her bed and let out a happy breath. She smiled to herself and walked to her bathroom to get ready for bed.
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it makes me upset that Nana has to ruin things and can't let her be happy but I really like this story keep up the good work 👏😆👍
Thank you! I'm very happy you are enjoying it :)
Wow, messed up little TaeTae who doesn't know how to not be a player. Poor Jin and Jimin, everyone is being hurt by stupid Nana! I think I need to slap her, at least once...
Oh no....(cringing already...get Kleenex ready for y/n)