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That's right according to this extremely short article, got7's young jae deleted all of his photos and renamed his insta name. Which used to be @cyjcyjcwj but it's now @333cyj333 so what's going on Choi Young jae-oppa? is something happening? Is he going solo?
Here is his instagram and as you can see it is completely dry. So what's going? As of right now there are no Official statements from JYP Ent. on twitter or anywhere and it seems as though all but 'wild and sexy' Wang Jackson have been active on the accounts when he posted a video of him self posing. And that's it for today's news on kpop, actually I might make a segment and call it weekly kpop news lol maybe not but if you think I should let me know also if you would like to be tagged don't be afraid to ask. Reporter Kat signing out ☆Chingus☆ @SarahVanDorn @SweetDuella @Shelbyhusband @twistedlove @Thyaremycreator @ScarletMermaid @sinisterbangel