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In 6 days I will be attending the smtm5 Concert in cali(as well as meeting the producers and cjamm....and bewhy!) and I will be attending the back n forth club tour(get to see my favorite djs pumkin (seeing him for 2nd time)and wegun.....and best of all....my 오리 ugly duck!.

then if things couldn't get any better....I will be seeing one of my cohort/hilite loves reddy at his show in 7 days! and who else is gonna be there? one of my mkit rain loves Young West!!! and killahgramz!!! I'm too ready!!!

so if you want to be apart of my adventure with these crazy girls @MarrickeJ33 @xroyalreisx

here is my snap chat

I hope you still have time to hang out since you are near me 😊
yes! I definitely have time I'll let you know once I get there so we can plan something
WOOT WOOT!!! oh hell yea its about to go down!! 😂😂😂😘😘😘