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B.A.P.............Can I just say this song ....damn..... It's so catchy and This band is so underrated they definitely deserve a lot more attention. Yongguk you killing me son..that voice...oml.. Youngjae looks so damn good and Zelo..I love that fucking weirdo...I recommend the video and song.. I looked at their past songs and videos and they improved a lot as a team you can see it..... I wasn't even a BABY yet and I already liked them.I am definitely a BABY now..Yongguk stans !!! He's my bias an youngjae and Zelo are my bias wreckers and I wish I could get more of a glimpse of the others. I also like the "host" in the video I just don't know his name. IM A NEW BABY don't judge me! *© and credit to original owners *comment if you want to be added or removed from the taglist Chingus @kimnam94 @chelseagarcia @mrsyookihyun @thatphamily @pharmgirlerin @cheersmacky @taehyungv @vixxstarlight1 @lovelikematoi @xoxojessica12 @jackieg1617 @abigailh758 @jaeneashajones@vixxstarlight1 @khouyang @elainarenea @lovelikematoi@alysanguyen @jackieg1617 @adorably @akashilover @ParkKyungSoon @jaeneashajones @MaelstormVIP @jinsprincess86 @juliavip @manaiapio @lizholder @resavalencia @btsjungkook1997 @chelseagarcia Fanfic Crew @VatcheeAfandi99 @Mavis2478 @Eli20 @mrsax2018 @Miss148 @RubyDusky @otakukpoper @JaxomB @resavalencia @amethystiperez @chenisbaekasy @JasminMartinez @kimnam94 @JackieG1617 @ManaiaPio
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I really like the song. I got to see B.A.P. in concert and they were amazing.
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I was suppose to go with my daughter but one of her finals was changed last minute. I couldn't give away the extra ticket, which I found sad. I do hope they come back to Atlanta (though I'm now poor too).