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Poor Jin!
If Namjoon hadn't said it was nothing, I would be worrying my ass off right now. Thank god for Namjin ☺️❤️
something may not seem serious to us. With idols it's a different story. the littlest injury is serious to the company.
It must of been an accident he probably didn't see Jin but I'm glad it was nothing too bad ❤️
Awwww my poor princess. I love that Namjoon was worried enough to follow. That's so sweet, those boys Love each other so much I never get tired of hearing g how they take care of each other.
@heidichiesa Awwwwwww! All he said was he was okay and my heart reaches out to him! Thanks for posting the link! Although Jin won't see this... Jin, fighting! Your fans, including myself all love you and only wish the best for you, including your health and happiness. @XionHeart I'm also glad that the fans didn't blame Dongjun. He obviously didn't mean to hurt Jin. He is guilty and sorry, and that's all that he can and should do. I mean, checking up with Jin would be nice if he had time and was allowed.
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