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........Yea, and they also cost a whole lot more to, nes/snes cartridges used to cost around 85 bucks, now take In to account inflation and compare that to the standard 60 for triple A titles, even with an additional 20 bucks (give or take a few) that's still less than what cartridges used to cost
I remember when you bought a game disc you bought the game, none of this put the CD in your PC and download the game from steam crap...what's on the disc? what if I don't have internet? or fast internet? I had to wait two days to download FEAR 2 using my cell as a hotspot
One of the reasons I usually wait a little while to see if they will release a complete edition... its also crazy AAA titles only cost you guys around $60, in Australia you're lucky if a new AAA is under $100...
*coughs* Destiny *coughs* Bungie
those were the good ol days