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Korean Products are Spreading!
I frequently check the Asian culture sections in my stores, always keeping an eye out for new products, and recently I've noticed something
They are finally adding more Korean products into my area! In the past, it was usually just Japanese this or Chinese that, with a little bit of Thai. However, I'm finding more and more Korean products both in food and beauty areas ☺️ Above are the 4 masks I chose to try, out of the huge new display that caught my eye tonight. All of which are Korean brand products, and I've always loved to cook so I'm really excited to try new recipes with the two new sauces I purchased! I plan on going back to the store sometime to buy more food products that I found that were Korean as well.
If anyone has any suggested recipes to try with my new found sauces I'd be really happy to try them out 😊 Also, they've even added some Korean restaurants near by xD one of which I've been to a few times, it's this place called Gen and it's located in the mall. The other I have yet to go to as I had discovered it when it was brand new and haven't had a chance to go out and eat there yet.
This is awesome, I'm glad Korean products are finally getting some recognition as well!
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I've tried the SooAe Charcoal Mask and it's really good!!!👍👌
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That's great news ☺️ I was planning to use that one tonight ^-^
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we dont have an asian culture section in our walmart...or anywhere nearby for that matter... 😩
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sadly it might be another decade or two before that happens here in the south. everyone here is so backwards 😞 *sigh*
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can i has tag pwease?
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Sure thing! 💙
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Yes! Just yesterday they added these in my local Walmart and its amazing because I live in Florida in a smaller city and to see it spreading this far is very exciting 😁
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