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Arthur Note: He told me this one last night but I accidently deleted it when I was trying to cut and paste. He told me to write it again or else he won't tell me the rest.
Junmyeon awoke to a bright room and his phone buzzing on the coffee table. He picked it up to see who it was and noticed a lot of missed calls and messages. It was Chanyeol. "Hello" "HYUNG!" Chanyeol yelled, "Where are you? Are you still at my place? Listen, don't answer the phone unless it's me, don't call anyone even your parents, don't answer the door if anyone knocks! Are you listening?" The sound of Chanyeol's voice was frantic, it gave him goose bumps, it was demanding, it woke him up, "okay... But what's going on?" "Just listen to me, I'm on my way." Chanyeol said before hanging up. Junmyeon looked at his phone confused. So many missed calls, quite a few from his parents and from an unknown number. Only one missed called from her. Most of the messages were from Chanyeol and Sehun asking where he was. He threw his phone back on the coffee table and turned the tv on. It started to worry him that maybe something had happened to one of the members or even to his parents but he couldn't understand why Chanyeol said not to call them. He flipped thru the channels until he came to the news channel. He watched carefully but there was nothing that seemed to concern him. His phone started to ring. His mother was calling. He thought about what Chanyeol had said but it was his mother, how could he not answer. He quickly picked it up, "Omma..." "Junmyeon where are you? Please I think you better come home right now... I don't understand what's going on, you couldn't have done it..." Her voice was drowned out by her sobbing. "Omma I don't know what you're talking about..." He didn't know how to comfort her. Chanyeol came charging in, ripping the phone from Junmyeon's hand and hanging it up before turning it off completely. "I told you not to answer any calls, even from your parents." He said quietly as he sat down next to him. Chanyeol examined his face; the light bruise on his chin, the scratches on his cheek and forehead. "What happened last night?" He finally asked. Junmyeon rubbed his eyes, leaning back on the couch, frowning at the thought of having to recall the events, "I broke up with her like I said I would. I went to her house thinking that she was going to be grown up about it but instead she attacked me, threatened me but I stood my ground and told her that I wasn't going to see her anymore." "Threaten you? How?" "She said she was going make the relationship public, spread lies and not. Why?" Junmyeon answered. Chanyeol listened to him, "and at any time, did you hit her?" Junmyeon looked at him surprised, he immediately shook his head, "No. I have never hit a girl... Hitting girls is a sign of weakness. I have never raised my hand violently to a girl." "Jun... Not even pushed her?" Junmyeon put his head down, he sighed thinking of that moment, "I told her that I didn't like her anymore and she rushed me so fast that I reacted badly. So honestly, I did push her back and she fell against a glass vase or something and cut her arm. I tried to help but she got mad and threw pieces of glass at me and told me to leave." "What about what time you got here?" Junmyeon shook his head, taking a guess, "I got here probably about 15 minutes before I spoke to you last night..." Junmyeon's eyes shifted back to the tv when he seen something that looked familiar. The house he been at the night before, the house he'd been going to for a month to pick that girl up at, was on tv. The front gate had a yellow 'do not cross' tape across it. Chanyeol was talking to him, telling him about the police coming to the dorm looking for him, but the news reporter's voice seemed louder than anything and drowned his friend's voice, "Authorities have identified the young woman found dead early this morning. Investigators now believe this was not a suicide as they had initially thought. The young woman was apparently beaten and left for dead. No suspects have been named yet." He suddenly felt sick and dizzy. The room started to spin too fast. He got up to leave but Chanyeol grabbed him by the arm. His legs went weak and he collapsed onto the floor taking Chanyeol down with him. Chanyeol tried to shake him out of it, "Jun, it's going to be okay. I believe you." He said pulling Junmyeon into his arms as tears began to fall. "It's going to be okay" "No it's not... They think it's me don't they?" Junmyeon cried into Chan's shoulder, "That's why you told me not to answer the phone or to call anyone." "Listen..." Chanyeol pulled away, holding his shoulders, tears were streaming down Jun's face, "listen, the company's attorney said not to say a word when you get arrested. He said if you turn yourself in, it'll show that you are cooperating and want to prove your innocence." "No. It never happens that way. I can't do it Chanyeol, what if they find something to pin this on me? Huh? There goes my entire life..." He started to cry even harder. "Don't run Jun, don't run, we'll find a way. Just don't run." Chanyeol told him. He hugged him again, "I'll be right by you no matter what, all of us well be. That little bitch, AISH! I knew she was bad news. I'm sorry Jun, I'm sorry. I should've told you to avoid her, I should've tried hard to keep her away from you." Junmyeon clenched his fists into Chanyeol shirt, burying his wet face into his chest. That girl, did what she said she was going to do, their relationship out into the public eye and her revenge on him for leaving her.
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