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Let's Play: Pop Culture Rebus!
Welcome to the Funny Community game, POP CULTURE REBUS! Once a week, I'll post a picture clue about a funny TV show, movie, character, actor or actress, and once you get the answer right, you must answer the trivia question about them!
Remember, answering the puzzle is not the whole game! You must be able to answer the accompanying trivia questions to be in the 'winners' circle'!

Now let's take a look at today's puzzle:

1. What is the name of this character?
2. Name one actor who has played them.

Were you able to figure out the whole puzzle?

Let me know in the comments below, and to continue playing our daily community games, follow my FUN & GAMEZ collection!
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Spiderman. What do I win?
a year ago·Reply
is it star wars?
a year ago·Reply
Tobey Maguire played him.
a year ago·Reply