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Hello hello!
@Sailynn here hi-jacking @KpopBeat's Daily MV job! :D
I hope you all don't mind me waltzing in here and showing everyone some amazing MVs that I've been collecting right under @KpopBeat's nose!^^
Please treat me well!
Now what I have for you today is a group from SM Entertainment. Bare with me when I say that this is no ordinary SM group. SM's EDM group, and yes, I repeat, EDM, is comprised of several SM Entertainment staff members known within the music industry, Whoa, did I just say STAFF MEMBERS!? Yes. Yes I did. :3
They debuted in 2014 and have even made a comeback earlier this month!
Let me show you the first song I heard from them, maybe then you'll understand why this group is no ordinary SM group.^^
Guest starting, fellow labelmate TVXQ's Changmin with actress Go Hye Sun, I find this video absolutely adorable with its gentle EDM beat and beautiful lyrics! <3
Now, since this group is composed of staff members that have been involved in the music industry for a duration and are known to preform at nightclubs since 2009, 5 years before their official debut, let's dig a bit deeper into their personal profiles!^^
Name: Shim Jae Won
Position: DJ/Vocal
Interesting fact: Shim Jae Won has actually choreographed many of SM artist's routines. He has worked with artists all over the spectrum, from SM to smaller groups in Japan!
Name: Hwang Sang Hoon
Position: Dancer
Interesting fact: Hwang Sang Hoon opening came out and confessed to being bisexual.
I'm actually really proud of him since South Korea is pretty traditional about the topic.
Name: MQ Hyun
Position: Rap, Dancer
Name: Stephen Ju
Position: Guitar
Name: Flash Finger
Positon: Keyboard
Name: Gu Jong Pil
Position: Sound Director
Disclaimer: I could not for the life of me find a picture of this man e.e This is literally off his Twitter account and even in his Twitter, he has no selcas. Like serious? What person doesn't take seclas!? DX
Mianhaeyo. :c
Name: Park Kyu Yong
Position: DJ
Disclaimer: Another member that I could not find a head shot of, so I will use one of their recent performances!^^
Overall, this group is still very small fan base wise, even if they are from SM Entertainment.
I mean, their Facebook page barely has a little over 30,000 likes but then again, they are regular staff members coming together to create wonderful EDM.
So getting info on these individuals was a little tough because they're not as known but that isn't a variable that prevents you from listening to their music!
With our help, hopefully they can get more recognition! :D
Is actually their most recent song. It dropped earlier this August and as you can tell, it's completely different from their debut song, but the smooth EDM beat is still there.
Well, what do you think?
Did I surprise you with something new or did you already hear about Beat Burger?
Am I doing a good job? :3
Should I keep @KpopBeat's job? >;D
Let me know! ;D
I'll see you all soon!^^
Thank you for reading!
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