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Good Morning peeps!!!! Happy Monday to all!! I hope your day goes great. I finally got chapter 7 up, so I hope you all enjoy!!!!!
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You looked at Jiyong with wide eyes and you give him your trademark smirk. Jiyong then flips you over and starts to kiss on your neck. While leaving a trail if kisses down your neck, he then bit down on the area between your neck and your shoulder. You gasp in shock. You was not expecting to feel pain and pleasure at the same time. You immediately arch your back up as a response. Jiyong smiles while he continues to leave a trail of love bites and kisses.
Once he reaches your stomach, he reaches over to grab an ice cube. Jiyong then takes the ice cube and trace the outline of your left breast. He then lingered the ice cube over your left nipple. You squirm closer to him but his weight held you down. You gave him a small pout, only to be replaced by a moan. You felt his tongue graze over your nipple and felt your right breast being massaged with Jiyong's right hand. You feel yourself getting hotter and wetter at the same time.
You raised your hips in order to get what you want, and right now you wanted Jiyong. Your desire for your husband intensify when you felt his tongue glide down from your left breast to your navel. You can feel his smile on your stomach as he continued his way southward. By this time, you were squirming under his slightest touch. Jiyong pinned you down with his weight. "Keep squirming and I'll punish you longer." You can only nod your head as you bit your bottom lip as you tried not to scream. Jiyong continued his assault on your body. By this point, you felt a fire rage inside you and the only way to extinguish it is to have him inside you at this instance. Before you had a second to take control again, you immediately screamed out in pleasure as your eyes roll to the back of your head. Once you gained some sort of your mind back, you immediately gripped the sheets and arched your back as your husband licked and sucked your juices. What his tongue was doing to you was driving you crazy. You felt your stomach coil tightly as you felt yourself coming. You could barely get the words out when you felt his dick instantly filling you.
You felt tears well up in your eyes but you held them back. Jiyong kissed all around your face as he waited for you to let him continue. He whispers in your ear, "Do you want it fast, or do you want it slow." You rolled your hips painfully slow, as you knew you wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Slow it is then, for now he whispered in your ear, as you feel goosebumps travel all over your body. He then slowly starts to pull out and slowly thrust back in. Your hips meet his thrust as you continued your love making. You moaned out Jiyong's name in pure bliss.
After some time you both sped up the pace as you both wanted to see each other come undone. Jiyong then flipped you over so that you were on top. "I wanna see how you ride me." You give him your signature smirk and you start to ride him. You felt his hands grab both sides of your hips. You figured that they would bruise later, but you didn't mind. As you continued to ride him, you felt the familiar coil tighten in your stomach again. You knew that both of you were getting close. You then sped up the pace and took one of your hands and started to play with yourself. Through half closed-lidded eyes, Jiyong said to you, "Come for me baby. I want to feel your walls tighten around me. Let go of your body and mind, hunny and come for me."
Just those words alone caused your undoing. Your walls then tighten around your husband's dick, You then felt a fullness inside of you and you knew that your undoing was the cause of Jiyong's. You collapsed onto him and kissed him deeply. Jiyong kissed you just as passionately and wrapped his arms around you. You snuggled up to him and you both fell into a deep sleep.
*One Year Later*
"Jiyong you know it's your turn to change JR's diaper!!!! Don't try to sneak your way out of it this time!!!!" You yelled as you held your son while trying to find your husband. "But Maddie was hungry so I had to feed her", you hear him yell in the other room. You smiled and shook your head.
Two weeks after your honeymoon, you discovered that you were pregnant. Both of you were shocked, but you were more trilled than anything. At your 8 week check up, you both discovered that you were pregnant with twins. You were terrified but with Jiyong there by your side, you were able to make through the most part of the pregnancy. You had one major scare where your daughter's umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck forcing you to have emergency c-section. You were beyond scared because you were trying to hold out as long as you can while waiting for your husband to be by your side. Jiyong did manage to make it in the nick of time. When you heard the twins first cry, you started to cry yourself.
Forward to the present, you try to get ready for your one year anniversary while having a crying baby on your hip. You made your way into the kitchen to see your daughter smiling and laughing at your husband. You started to laugh at the sight that your husband had the bowl on top of his head with bits of food mixed in as well. "Okay hun, I think its time for us to switch. You take JR and I'll stay here with Maddie," while taking the bowl off his head. "Alright, fair deal as long as I get to sing them both to sleep." You smiled and said deal. Jiyong then kissed you on your forehead and whispers happy anniversary. You grabbed his arm and kiss him passionately and whispers happy anniversary. He then looks at you and ask, "Do you think you can still fit your wedding dress?" You giggled and said, "I might, but you're gonna have to help me out of it later."
I hope you all enjoyed!!!! This is my first fanfic story that has a smut and I couldn't be more prouder on how it went. Again your comments means a lot to me so let me know what you think. Until the next story!!!!!
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