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BEHIND IN ALL THIS EXOTIC AND MANLY LOOK By Lee namseongji 'Esquire' in September made the cover. Lee Min Ho and SBS 'crown who want to write, to withstand the weight of La-heirs (gimeunsuk writer, director sinhyo river)' by the decision early next book, "Kim shot 'comes to the characters after the fall ready to scramble on the cover of namseongji appeared, and real. Lee the 'Esquire' September shooting drama 'heirs' for the preparation of the turnout from Handsome look of a real man off the back of a shorter hair style as Lee moves learned in preparation for the drama, there was no hesitation to surf well scorched by the deadly sexy perfect body was working. As usual, look stylish extinguishing various costumes and unique attractive look rough but the utmost admiration of the filming crew pulled gracing. Lee came back to the new look of a man,...
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