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Any one else enjoys this Cult classic from the 80's ... Reitman: This is one of the best examples of watching two people fall in love within 20 seconds of meeting. [Laughter.] They have extraordinary chemistry. As a director, how do you capture something like that? Reiner: First of all, you have a brilliant script by William Goldman. And the term ‘As you wish,’ which as he describes – whenever [Westley] was saying ‘As you wish’ what he was really saying was ‘I love you.’ You’ll see, watch … Onscreen, Cary Elwes looks deeply into Robin Wright’s eyes and whispers ‘As you wish …’ Reiner: See … ![audience laughs] It means ‘I love you.’ Reitman: I read somewhere Cary Elwes said everywhere he goes to this day, women ask him to say that to them. [Laughter.] Reiner: Yes, and people have Princess Bride weddings. They have ‘As you wish’ written inside their rings. They do all kinds of things like that.
@YinofYang I still haven't.. :( i don't know where to get a copy.. we don't have netflix here :(
@shoenami Did you finally get to watch this movie, sis? It still remains one of my all time favorites.