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Ch.499 Gray and Juvia was just.... It's too much... Half of me feels like Hiro will manage to bring her back.... But I strongly feel like he won't just because this was a really good sacrifice on her part and bringing her back would just take away from the effect....
I admit I loved this part bc you can see their devotion for not wanting to kill each other....
Hiro always finds away..... Thanks for at least not killing both of them off...
This was a cute Zeref moment鉂わ笍 I hope he and Natsu hug it out in the end and not kill each other!
Gray looks beast as hell馃挋 he's gonna kick Invel's ass!!! Link to Chapter:
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I didn't cry or anything because I 100% believe that he will bring her back. I feel like she's too much of a main character to be left dead.
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@Elfie it would be very hard to bring her back though I mean she stabbed herself in the heart and gave her remaining blood to Gray... If Hiro does bring her back he'll have to make it very good and it has to make sense...
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I agree but they live Ina world of magic. Anything is possible. Plus I also got the feeling that she's alive inside Gray. But we will see. I usually watch the anime but I saw a spoiler for last week's chapter and HAD to read. I have only read these last 2 manga chapters so I don't really know what's going. I have no clue about Gajeel or anything. Maybe I'll cry when the anime shows it.
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Shit happens. I just hope Gray ends getting the happiness he needs
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its so sad,but to be honest i think juvias better than grey by 1 milllion
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