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So I cannot upload the pictures of my vacation pictures I took in Nicaragua, when I visited after not going for 9 whole years. Since for some reason vingle cannot load those pictures. Sorry y'all In reference to card @IwillbeMIA @danidee @sophiamor @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @VickieAnimeFan @jordanhamilton @buddyesd @petnamw83 @atmi @ButterflyBlu @alywoah @sarahregulski @arnelli @NathanBryden @ben20 @OtakuBell
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@ben20 @buddyesd I know, I'm sorry I couldn't share them 馃槙
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@ZoilaObregon maybe they need to update something
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maybe the update messed up something
a year ago
Awe jammit!! And I bet their beautiful pictures too 馃槶 But I hope you had a awesome trip !
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awww.. . at least you come back safely from your journey. maybe next visit...you owe us. lol 馃榿 kidding.
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Next visit, I'll take all of y'all with me
a year ago
hey yes im down haa i love seeing new places
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