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Your perspective Pairing: reader x Jungkook Warning: mature content
August 29th I know Kookie's birthday is in a couple of days but I don't know what to get him. Honestly. I know it's like obligatory that I get him something, not that I wouldn't anyway, but I just don't think he needs anything. There were a few ideas popping around in my head but I just couldn't think of anything decent. That was until yesterday. Yesterday evening I thought of two perfect presents. One of which was a necklace which I bought this morning before heading to the studio. It's a music note with both of our initials on it. The other isn't worth any money. Yep. I wrote him a song that is featured on my new album and *cringe* I'm going to play it for him on the day. I called it 'I never knew'. Its based on me slowly falling in love with him and not really knowing it.
"I never knew that I could fall for you. I didn't know that I'd depend on you. No matter how far we are apart, you're always in my heart." That's the cheesiest part of it, I think. It's part of the chorus. I did, however, leave hints that it's about Kookie. It's the little things like "I need you boy" that reference him and him being in BTS. I was lucky enough to have Woozi to help me. He'd been really useful recently, doing the duet dance with me and helping me write songs. It wasn't even that he wasn't busy but he just found time to aid me. He's like my best friend from Seventeen. Anyway, Kookie told me he was busy in the morning and so that handily left me time to prepare the song some more. I felt guilty going out with him in the afternoon. I couldn't tell him the surprise and it was killing me.
He seemed equally nervous himself but then he was fully aware that I might be doing something special for his birthday. Also, we were going out in public and we weren't sure about the reaction. Both of us wore masks but he had to pretty much wear as much stuff as possible so it didn't look like he was himself. If that makes sense. I could barely recognise him as he was so o doubt anyone else could. We held hands as we walked down the street from my dorm - MY DORM - to get some snacks. Kookie finally let me back to my dorm but insisted that it was just for a couple of days. As much as I loved the BTS boys, I needed a break from them and besides, I'm an idol in my own right too. I also made sure that he whispered to me if he wanted to talk otherwise he'd either nod or shake his head. I took all types of precautions.
Once we got back to my dorm, we settled in. Kookie got some of the food started while I sneakily got a water gun ready. I didn't care if the floor or anything got wet, it needed a good clean anyway. After a bit, Kookie aimlessly wandered back in and placed the food down. Except, I was hiding behind the sofa. "Y/N?" He called out, "Jagi?" At that moment, I stood up and sprayed him with the water. It only took a few seconds for him to respond. "Jagi, stop. I'm soaking okay?" "Never!" I shouted dramatically. He stormed up to me and grabbed me by my waist. His dripping wet shirt soaked by back as he managed to retrieve the gun from my hands. There wasn't much water left in it but he was content with using it all up on me.
I was the one who had to get us both towels afterwards. "Thanks" "For the towel or for-" "Not for squirting me gosh." "At least you got revenge" "True and besides, you got to see my body through the see-through shirt" I blushed slightly at his comment. "Well you didn't waste time in trying to see my bra colour either mister" It was just one of those moments you knew something was going to break out. My body was ready but I restricted myself. Seriously these hormones need to control themselves. Instead, I just bit my lip and got a movie ready for us to watch. After a long debate, I chose the Family Guy Star Wars saga first movie. After that, I practically forced Kookie to watch Exo next door.
It's good honestly. Not gonna lie, Chanyeol fits with the girl lead better than Kyungsoo. Only my opinion though, I'm fully aware of both ships. Once it ended, I looked down at my little Kookie in my arms. He was sound asleep. You'd expect me to be cuddled in his arms but to be honest, I didn't mind either. He just chose to cuddle up to me today. It gave me chance to observe his sleeping face like some kind of Edward Cullen style girlfriend. "Jeon Jungkookie!" I whispered in his ear. I didn't want to fully wake him up but we did either need to eat or go to bed. Both options sounded good. "Mmmfmm" he mumbled. "Jeonnie Jungkookie" I hummed. He stirred slightly, enough to make him open one eye. "Bed or food?" I simply asked him. "You eat. Then join me in bed"
I wasn't just going to let him not eat so I brought some ramen up with me for him and me to nibble on. "I thought you were eating first" "You need to eat too mister" "Yeah whatever mother" "Say ahh~" I fed him a fork of ramen and he cutely but reluctantly ate it. "Aww little aeygo Kookie want some more ramen?" He looked at me with cute puppy dog eyes and bloated cheeks, "yes pwease" I kept feeding him until a notification popped up so I apologised to Kookie and turned my attention to my phone. "NCT dream rocks with 'chewing gum' debut stage" What?? ~To TaeTae the leader: you never told me another NCT unit would debut. I only found out just now~ ~From TaeTae: I wasn't really allowed to say, I'm not part of it, it's the younger ones!~
"Who are you texting?" Kookie interrupted my little panic. "Taeyong, you know the NCT guy. A new unit debuted and I didn't know" "Well you were a bit busy, in more ways than one" he smirked at me. It was true though. I'd been busy with my own album and keeping time for Kookie. I forgot about my mates... OMG I need to spend more time with my friends. That settled it. I was throwing Kookie a massive party as well. Immediately I texted Tae, Namjoon, Jaebum, Woozi, Baekhyun, Tiffany, Hyuna, GD, Wonho, B.I and Kookie's brother. Yeah. I stole Kookie's phone to get his brother's number. ~Send to all: guys I'm planning a surprise party for Jungkook's birthday can you make sure that you guys are at the XXX hall by 7pm please~ Baekhyun was the first to reply, ~yeah sure the Exo boys will be there~
~Wonflirt: yeah I'll get the boys there x~ ~Woozioppa: I'll talk to the boys later~ The rest of the messages were similar, everyone that was healthy enough to come was coming. The only one who got another text from me was GD. ~Y/N: hey would you mind doing me a favour at Kookie's party?~ ~GoodDragon: like what Kenzie?~ ~Y/N: would you mind singing to him, you're his idol~ ~GoodDragon: yeah sure no prob but you owe me one~ ~Y/N: depending on how it goes, I'll buy you a meal out sunbae~ ~GoodDragon: with you? Is Jungkook dongsaeng going to get jealous?~ ~Y/N: what do you mean?~ ~GoodDragon: there's a rumour going around amongst those who know that you and him are friends with benefits~ ~Y/N: wait what? Who said this?~
~GoodDragon: multiple people Kenzie, can't hide anything from everyone~ I looked over to Kookie, who by now was fast asleep, and thought about telling him. They knew. The people who I text, those who I don't, they know that me and Kookie are something more than just two separate idols. I didn't want to confirm anything but I didn't deny it either. Oh and then I messaged Baekhyun. ~Y/N: did you have rumours going round between idols when you dated Taeyeon?~ ~Baekon: Yeah, why d'you ask?~ ~Y/N: I think something is going around about me and Jungkook~ ~Baekon: oh yeah I heard that.~ ~Y/N: not helping Baek~ ~Baekon: sorry but you're cute together though ;)~
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It would be fun to have a party with Tae, Namjoon, Jaebum, Woozi, Baekhyun, Tiffany, GD, Wonho and B.I. Jaebum, that's JB right? And I totally didn't binge read this fanfic just to catch up....,