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■□■ [K-101] Piece Of Cake ■□■

Hello and what's up guys it's time for our next Korean 101~~

And don't worry this one will be 개끌~~

That right...

개끌- Piece of Cake/ Easy


개끌 is a slang term. It literally means (개=Dog + 끌=Honey) Dog-Honey

(개 is used as an intensifier in slang terms such as this one.)

이 일은 개끌이야.

(I ireun gaekkuriya.)

-This job is a piece of cake

(You can use this to describe something that's easy or when something goes smoothly. Remember this is a SLANG term so be careful when you use it and be aware of who you are speaking to. )

This Korean term....it's 개끌 right~~

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