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why..... just, why?? WHY?!?! I've seen it all.... ASHJADSGH!!! the amount of exclamation marks I use will NEVER come close with how I feel... WHY ARE THEY SO PERFECT, THEY'RE RUINING MY LIFE!!! how the hell am I supposed to go to sleep KNOWING THESE TWO EXIST?!? my ovaries are done... They took my life numerous times...BUT THIS?! Jackson.... I have no words for you T_T I know this is a little old but it still hurts me... *heavy breathing* @luna1171 I need your halp plz ;-; * by the way if anyone is seeing this a second time, I was gonna correct a typo but I accidentally deleted this.... note to self, don't post anything when you're half asleep -_-*
@luna1171 kill me now
@luna1171 okay you go first so I'll have Jackson
Lmaoo!! I need help too..😂😂😂 they driving my life..haha
I need these men in my life, watching Jackson on Roommate season 2 is killing me. You never realize how goofy and shy he is till you watch that.
They look soooooooooo good Awww ❤❤❤👌😃😲😲
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