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He sigh in defeat, loosening his grip on the counter behind you, walking back to the opposite end of the kitchen once he heard the door open, a sleepy Jimin emerging from the bedroom, his bed hair everywhere. The sleepy boy rubbed his eyes, tiredly walking to where you were at, oblivious to the fuming Yoongi, who watched as Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist, placing a chaste kiss upon your lips.
He met your eyes, you giving him a look of sympathy as you gently pushed Jimin away, who gave you a confused look. He followed your eyes, his eyes widening as he jumped away from you, his cheeks pink and flustered. “H-Hyung? How long have you been there?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck as he leaned against your legs.
Yoongi narrowed his eyes at his dongsaeng, licking his bottom lip as he briefly met your eyes, shaking his head in disbelief. “Nothing, just forget about it.” He said, crossing his arms and heading to his room, taking his cup of coffee to his room and slamming the door loudly.
“What’s his problem?” Jimin asked you, a look of confusion on his face. You looked at him with a nervous smile on your face, squishing his cheeks together and laughing to yourself. “What isn’t his problem?” You tried to cover up, placing a small kiss on his lips.
He gave you a wide smile, his eyes squinting together as he hugged you tightly, burying his face into your stomach. “I love you.” He said softly, a guilty look flashing along your face as you stroked his hair softly. “I love you too.” You said, looking at the door to Yoongi’s room.
He let out a sigh, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he crumpled up another piece of paper, carelessly throwing the ball of paper onto the floor. He adjusted the headphones around his ears, nodding his head to the beat of the music, writing down several verses on the parchment in front of him, none meeting his expectations. He heard his door open, already knowing who is was without turning around.
“What do you want Nari-Hye?” He asked bluntly, sliding off his headphones and glared at the papers in front of him, gripping his pencil tightly in frustration as he turned his gaze to the computer screen, adjusting some things to the music before looking back down at the papers.
“Geez, what a way to treat your girlfriend.” She said sarcastically, taking a seat on his bed, lazily watching him with disinterest. “Let’s go shopping or something, instead of being in this little crack shack.” She said with an attitude, scrunching her face when she touched, what felt like, a stain from the beer he had spilled.
“I’m not in the mood.” He snapped, throwing his headphones on the desk in frustration, running his hands through his hair, listening to Nari-Hye whine. He could already imagine the pout on her face with her arms crossed, something she always did when she didn’t get her way. It wasn’t like he gave a damn, the distraction only annoying him further once she started bad-mouthing you.
“it’s because of (Y/N), isn’t it.” She huffed, rolling her eyes when she saw him tense up. “You can’t possibly still be into her, right? She’s with that Jen kid.” She mumbled, causing Yoongi to let out a little snort. Sure, he wasn’t in good terms with the kid, but he still cared about his dongsaeng.
“His name is Jimin.” He said simply, not bothering to snap back at her about saying such foul things towards you. He didn’t have the energy to go back and forth with her, merely letting her whine about, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. “Just shut up, for the love of god Nari-Hye!” He finally snapped, his patience being thrown over the edge once she started calling you pathetic.
He stood up quickly, taking big strides towards her and gripping her arm tightly in his fist, swinging the door open quickly. Her eyes widened at the force he used to open the door, practically breaking it off it’s hinges as he pushed her out the front door, throwing her bag after her. “Yoongi! What the hell?” She exclaimed, picking up the contents of her bag that had fallen out.
He glared his eyes at her, a sneer clearly evident on his face, her shrinking away at his cold glare. “You can bad-mouth me, you can forget my friend’s names, you can do whatever you please. But one thing you can’t do is say anything bad about (Y/N).” He hissed, causing Nari-Hye to nod her head quickly. “I never want to see you again.” He said bluntly, slamming the door in her face when she opened her mouth to protest.
He took a deep breath, hitting his fist against the door, the sound of movement catching his attention. “How much of it did you hear?” He asked, dropping his head as he heard a sigh.
“As much as I needed to.” He heard, causing him to turn around to face the person, leaning against the door with a distressed expression.
“Why didn’t you say anything?”
“What was I supposed to say? Hey, I’m still in love with my ex-girlfriend, who coincidentally, is now dating you.” Yoongi replied back sarcastically, brushing off the sympathetic and guilty look that Jimin flashed him.
“Don’t. I told you, you wouldn’t understand.”
“I want to be with her forever.” Jimin said in a hushed tone, talking with the other 6 people in the group, a nervous smile on his chubby face. Namjoon and Jin gave him a wide eyed glance. The members stayed silent, looking at the boy in front of them with nervous glances.
“Please, say something.” Jimin groaned, tilting his head back and rubbing his hands against his face, immediately regretting his decision. “I just-I know it’s too soon, hell it hasn’t even been a full year yet, but I just love her so much.”
“Chim, are you ready for this?” Jin asked hesitantly, looking at the younger boy in front of him with a weary glance. He nodded enthusiastically, a bright smile on his face as he faced his elder.
“I’m more than ready. It’s just, sure we haven’t dated for a long time, but we knew each other before that, and I just feel this sort of connection between us. I’ve never felt like this before.”
At this time, Yoongi exhaustedly walked out of his room, quieting his footsteps when he saw the rest of the members sitting around the dining table, his eyebrow raised as he thought of what they were talking about. It couldn’t have been a band meeting, otherwise he would’ve been included.
He peeked his head from behind the corner, his eyebrows scrunching together as he listened in on their conversation, the atmosphere seeming tense. “I just, I love her a lot, and I don’t want to lose her.” He heard Jimin say, a conflicted tone lacing through his words. Yoongi looked at the ground in confusion, thinking of the many possibilities in which the conversation could lead to.
“I want to marry (Y/N).”
Everyone’s jaws dropped in shock, including Yoongi, who’s knees buckled from under him as he dropped to his knees. The boys broke out into a series of conversations, most of them confused and making sure they heard Jimin correctly, who merely let out a nervous laugh. “Yes, I want to marry (Y/N).”
The boys exchanged hesitant glances as Jungkook spoke up. “Have you talked to Yoongi-hyung about it?” He asked softly, looking at Jimin with a worried expression.
“No, that’s why I came to you guys first. He probably won’t take it well.”
“Do it.” Jimin heard from behind him, all their heads turning to Yoongi, who’s head was down, his hands in his pockets as he gave Jimin a blank stare. “I don’t get why you people chose to hide this from me and tell me last, it’s not like I care.” He said with a shrug as he dug into his pockets, throwing a ring on the table in front of Jimin.
“Give that to her. It’s her dream ring, with an amethyst jewel. You’re welcome.” He mumbled, walking out of the dining room, the other members watching him with a shocked look on their face.
“Treat her well Jimin.”


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