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Practice Room Daehyun (19+)

You knew One Shot was playing, but you couldn’t hear anything. Your eyes were glued to Daehyun's form. His l body rounded as he supported himself on his arms.
Of course, you had seen this performance before but usually he was with the other members. Today it was just the two of you.
Daehyun notices you staring, but you were lost. Your eyes wouldn’t dare move to any other place. He smirked at you before jumping up and continuing the choreography. Your tongue pushed against your hot lips, your body pulsing with every one of his smooth movements.
You watched him with your back resting on the mirror and you silently cursed yourself for not sitting on the other side of the room to allow you more angles in which to view him.
Daehyun looked up into the reflective surface with his eyes full of focus and your sex tightened. You had an overwhelming need for your boyfriend. A longing for his hands on your body, his voice in your ears, his lips on yours.
Breathing was becoming difficult as you snapped yourself from your daydreams and watched your boyfriend work the floor. Sweat beading at his face.
You thanked the stars for him wearing a white undershirt, as the sleeveless design feed into your fantasies. Lines of of his sweet sweat trickle down from his neck and back. His beautiful abs pushing against the thin, hot, wet white cloth.
The little sweats shining his arms were causing your lips to become quite dry and you licked them again. You couldn’t help the thought of wanting to drink him.
Daehyun wasn’t trying to be sexy, he just was. Everything about him was sexy and you knew he knew it too.
Daehyun moved through the song, he had done the choreography a hundred times and it showed. Daehyun owned each and every movement and it turned you on so very, very much.
The song ended, allowing you to release a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding. Deahyun moved, walking over to the free weights and picking two of them up.
The room was suddenly too quite and your body was suddenly too loud.
You watched as Daehyun lifted the weights. Watching his muscles tighten as he pulled them to his toned chest.
You felt yourself becoming wetter, your body burning for his touch. Biting down on your lip, you continue to watch him. His eyes on his reflection, his mind not on you.
“I thought you were done with the workout?” You said, not really thinking about your words.
Daehyun laughed, the most sweet innocent laugh underlined with so much evil teasing that it made your spine tingle.
“I’m done with practice.” He said.
“I still have to work out, baby.” Daehyun tilted his head down and smiled at your
reflection as he continued to lift the weights.
The words he spoke went against everything your body wanted from him. His smile widens and he showed all of his perfect teeth. You wanted that tooth line on your skin.
He saw the new emotions that spread on your face. Daehyun set down the weights and laughed at your hopeful response. You hated the way you looked up at him when you heard the metal hit the ground. You knew you were begging him with your eyes and you knew he would use it against you.
“Come here, baby girl.” Daehyun said, dropping to the floor and laying back.
You shoot up. The thought of laying in his arms sounding so good. The most perfect opportunity to kiss him, just around the corner.
You walked up to him just as he bent his legs and brought up his knees.
“Count for me, Princess.” He said, chuckling as he watched your body shudder with his words. The smirk on Daehyun's face was definitely not helping your fantasies leave you be.
You nodded agreement through your frustration. Sitting down, you grabbed for him. Weaving your arms together with his strong legs in between. Your heart felt like it was about to beat out of your chest entirely.
The white cloth was glued to his skin, letting you see him just underneath. You bite your lip as he pushes his hands under his head. You imagined him lacing his fingers with yours…
You were snapped back from your fantasy with Daehyun's face coming up to yours. His eyes went to your lips and you bite down on them.
“One.” You say smaller than you would have liked.
There was now no doubt how much you wanted him, your tone told him everything.
Daehyun smiled and lowered himself to the floor. You take a deep breath and tell yourself to be strong. He was teasing you, he was getting off on this. You just had to ignore this tactic so he would move on to another one. Hopefully one that involved his lips on yours and your teeth in his shoulder.
The next fifteen went by slowly. You tried your best not to look at his juicy lips or his beautiful chest muscles or even his piercing eyes. He came up again and you called out a number. Heat spreading through your body every time his face was just centimeters away from yours.
Daehyun comes up again and grabs onto his knees.
“It’s hot in here, isn’t it?” He asks. Daehyun's hand came to your face.
You inhale into the touch.
“It is.” He answers himself.
Daehyun's hand left your face and he pulled his shirt off of his body. You swallow hard at the image of him, shirtless and sweaty and it was right in front of you.
“How many was that, baby?” He asked you.
You blinked out of your daze and quickly leave his tummy to find his eyes. Your head trying to fine a number that isn’t six.
“Thirty.” You said, your voice was strained with longing that Daehyun ignored as he stood and returned to the mirror. Daehyun picked up the weights again and started lifting.
You watched as his muscles moved. Without the shirt the show was much more entertaining. You licked your lips and shifted your body so you could see him better. You debated standing and going over to the sofa, but you decided to skip it. You wouldn’t want to miss anything.
“So..” You stammer.
“How much more, until your done?” You ask helplessly.
Daehyun chuckles at your childlike impatience but you ignored it. Your body was hot and eager, you needed him.
“I need a cool down workout, or else I’ll regret working out in the first place.” Daehyun answered.
You tried to nod but there was no way of knowing if you’d managed.
“Unless.” Daehyun started, setting down the weights and rolling his shoulders. You watched him move, his legs stretching as he glides to the door; locking it before turning to you.
“You have another idea of a workout?” Daehyun's tone finally suggesting that he was just
as distracted as you.
Your body got hotter with the thought of his on you. Licking your lips, you looked up at him.
Daehyun settled himself onto the sofa across the room. His eyes find yours as he lifted his right his arm to drape it across the back of the sofa.
“Come here.” He said, smacking his leg with his hand.
You stood, your unsteady legs wanting to give. He looked so beautiful and strong and sweaty and you wanted him so badly.
He brought his hands to your sides and guided you when you got close enough. You straddled his thigh with his instruction, the jeans pushing against your sex. Daehyun's hands come to your sides, forcing you to move on him.
You couldn’t help the whine that came from your lips. Daehyun's strong hands moved your needy body over his strong thigh. You brought your lips to his face and he let you kiss him. The amazing feeling you had been waiting for.
It was worth it, so worth it. Daehyun's perfect lips coming to yours. His tongue pushing against your soft flesh. Daehyun's hands came up from your thighs and grabbed onto the hem of your shirt as he continued to bring up his arms. The kiss broke, but only for a second. As soon as the shirt was over your head you brought your lips back to his.
Your hand went between the two of you and you pressed down on his tent. Daehyun groans as you feel his hard member. All that teasing you…and he was this hard?
He broke the kiss to go to your neck. Daehyun sucks harshly on the first bit of skin he sees. You moan, your hips still rocking roughly on his thigh.
“Daehyun.” You moan and he somehow sucks harder.
The small amount of pain made your hips go harder. You brought your hands to his shoulders, your nails sinking into the skin.
“Fuck.” He groans as he looks at his mark.
Daehyun hurried to push you off so he could remove his clothes. His large, strong hands coming to remove yours as well.
Once you both were properly unrobed, he sat back onto the sofa and pulled you back on him. His hands lining your body with his as he licked his lips.
Daehyun's eyes were wild and it turned you on so much more. A long groan comes from his lips as he pulled you onto him and a moan came from you as well.
Daehyun didn’t set you onto him slowly. No. He pulled you on rather quickly and the moan that came from your throat voiced how deep his length was hitting you.
Daehyun liked this and threw his head back to tell you with a moan of his own. His hands guide your movements, forcing you not to slow down. Your body cried as you walls tried to stretch around him while still moving on top of him.
Your body wanted more so you pushed down harder onto him. A deep groan escaping his lips as his fingertips push into your thighs.
“Y/N.” Daehyun growls at your disobedience.
You moaned loudly at your name and pushed down again, granting you another groan.
The pace was fast but not the fastest. You weren’t letting him enter you all the way and you could tell that was bothering him.
“Y/N.” He said between his teeth.
Daehyun's hungry hands came to your sides and pulled you onto him. He filled you fully with a groan and you moan as he hits your sweet spot.
“Daehyun!” You cry as your body reacts to his hit.
You place your hands on his shoulders and use them to push down on him faster. The sensation of him hitting your g spot was curling your toes.
Short grunts came from him as he pulled you down onto himself as fast and as hard as he could. You felt how close you were. You felt how close he was.
“Fuck.” He groaned.
You moaned above him as he shifted under you. His hands coming to your ass and squeezing as he turned and pushed his chest against yours.
Your back hit the cool leather sofa and you cry out at the difference in temperature.
Daehyun's hips immediately started moving faster. This new angle allowed him to have complete control and he hurried to use it.
Daehyun groans at the pace that has you screaming and wiggling beneath him. Your core tightens and you feel your head start to get a bit cloudy.
“Daehyun..” You cry as your nails hurry to his shoulders.
“Not. Yet.” He grunts with his thrusts.
Daehyun's pace was so fast and so deep that it had you seeing stars. Your body was shaking and shifting on the sofa with his weight and movements. With every strike of his hips, he hit your g spot and every groan or grunt from him almost over simulated you.
“Daehyun, I’m..” You feel as your eyes want to roll back in your head but Daehyun's grip on your sides pull you back.
“Wait, Y/N wait.” His order drove your body crazy.
You pull down on his shoulder and reach up to grab it with your teeth.
“Fuck, Y/N.” Daehyun's groans.
You twist your hips up at his thrusts as you lick his new wound.
“Daehyun.” You whine as he grabs your leg and pulls it up for a new angle.
“Y/N.” Daehyun groans as he bends down and buries his face in your breasts. His hand holding your leg over his shoulder.
The sound of your name from him wasn’t making your time easier. Your body needed its release.
“Daehyun, please.” You beg as he pulls up from your chest to watch your face.
“Please what?” He asks as he thrusts into you.
“I’m so close.” You moan as you reach for his hair.
“I can feel it, baby. It’s driving me crazy.” He groaned as he watched your eyes.
“You’re so tight for me, Y/N.” He smirks as he speaks.
You moan at his words and he comes down to kiss you. Daehyun's hips snap against yours a bit off rhythm and you know he’s close.
“Can I come now, Daehyun?” You ask as your body shakes beneath him.
“Yes.” He groans as he brings his head back down to your neck, his lips going around your shoulder.
“Come on, Y/N.” He groans.
You cry a thank you as your body explodes with another snap of his hips. Hot waves of heat quickly spread through your body as you cried out and clenched around him over and over. Daehyun's teeth push against your skin as he comes into you and groans around his teeth and your skin. His warm seed spraying your insides and you softly groan at the feeling.
You pant as he rocks into you a few more times to ride out both of your highs. Your body finally getting its release and relaxing on the sofa as you try to catch your breath.
Daehyun's breathing was rigid as he crawls backwards to exit you. You shutter at the sensation of him leaving and he chuckles at his view.
“I should invite you over more often.” He said as he came down to push the hair that was sticking to your face back.
“Next time don’t tease me so much.” You whine as you look up his body and find his eyes.
Daehyun chuckles at your request.
“Next time,” He said, bringing his hand to your sore sex and pushing down on your clit causing you to cry out.
“I’ll tease you more.” Your body shuttered with his words and you bite down on your lip with anticipation.
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