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Who:Reader X Woo Jiho (Zico) What: I don't even know y'all (No angst though) Chapter 2 Story: You and your best friend Park Jihoon left America to be apart of the South Korean K-pop group called NTERNational. Two years have gone by and while the popularity of the group has grown you, as the only female of the group, have been starting to feel like you need to step up in order to get the group to the top. Good thing you meet the one rapper out there that challenges you to be the best...
Y/N's POV "Hana, dul, set NTERNational samnida!" You all shouted at the same time. You all clapped happily and looked at Hyeong-don. "Let's start with introductions we'll go down the line. Each of you saying something that makes you unique." Hyeong-don said. "Annyeong! I am Wang I am the rapper of the group." Haneul said. "Anniyo! They already know that Oppa something they don't know." you said. "Yes something the fans don't know is preferred." Hyeong-don said. Haneul scratched his ear a little and said, "Um, even though I'm the oldest of the group I act very childish. I'm in charge of being childish." he said. The group laughed while Hyeong-don looked at him in awe. "That's something unique?" he said. "That's about as unique as Wang can get." Heechul said. Everyone laughed at him and Haneul playfully sighed. "Annyeong Runways! I'm Hae-il the Maknae of the group and I'm in charge of aegyo!" Hae-il puffed up his cheeks a little and smiled. His hands made a V by his chin to make a blossoming motion. "Oh that was really cute. I think my heart skipped a beat" Hyeong-don said putting a hand to his heart. You laughed and hugged Hae-il. The side of his head being pressed just slightly above your chest. "This is my baby." you laughed. The group laughed as Heechul said, "No I'm Eomma, he's my baby." You all laughed, "You're next." Hyeong-don pointed to you. "Ne. Annyeong Runways! I am Tiger the leader of NTERNational and I'm in charge of waking up G.O in the morning." "Ahha!" the group said clapping through their laughs. "She's in charge of waking you up?" Hyeong-don asked Jihoon. Jihoon looked like he was blushing. He was laughing with the rest of the guys and he calmed his laughs before he said, "Yes." "Do you not wake the others up Tiger?" Hyeong-don asked. "No I only wake up G.O, Wang wakes up the others." you answered. "Why are you only in charge of waking up G.O?" Hyeong-don asked. Jihoon decided to answer, "I'm the hardest to wake up out of the five of us but me and Tiger used to live together in America so I'm used to her waking me up. If anyone else tries to wake me up it's really difficult and I almost always fall back to sleep if they get me up." "So how do you wake up G.O?" Hyeong-don answered. "I have to get in the bed with him and tickle him while I sing the wake up song." you said. "She does it loud and off key right in his ear." Haneul said. "And he'll role over and hug her like this." Hae-il said grabbing onto Haneul. "And he'll say 'Y/N shut up I'm awake'." You all laughed at Hae-il's impression of how you woke up Jihoon. Being on weekly idol made you happy, This was the second time you had been on the show with the group and you were happy you were back. NTERNational was still relevant enough to come back to weekly idol. Yes, you guys had been a group for two years since you debuted but in Bangtan's third year they had so many fans they had to run for their lives in Sweden. Not that you wanted to have to run for your life but it said plenty about the boys progress as music makers and performers. You were on Weekly idol to talk about your come back; you guys had spent two weeks working on performances that you were going to perform at your concert in a month. With the music video for Hours about to drop soon, you wondered what everyone's reaction would be. You were happy about the turn out for 'Excuse Me' which was your official comeback song. The music video for that had already dropped and the performance was your favorite out of all of them. Heechul was pointed to by Heyong-don and he said, "Annyeong! I am 10k I am in charge of chocolate abs." He lifted up his shirt giving a quick hip thrust to make them stand out and then sat down. You tried to cover up his abs telling him not to do that. The boys were screaming and Hyeong-don was laughing, "Those are really impressive abs." Hyeong-don said. "How did you get them?" "I got sick for like two weeks and all I did was cough and I magically got abs." Heechul said. "So if I get sick I can get abs too!" Hyeong -don said. "Ne. You just have to cough a lot." Heechul answered. "That seems like a lot of work. I've been sick a few times I didn't get abs like that." Hyeong-don pouted. "I think Jeong Hyeong-don is really handsome the way he is now." You said. "I like her, she's my favorite." Hyeong-don pointed at you. You laughed, "Saranghae." he said to you. "Saranghae!" you said back. He gave you a heart and you sent him one back. You guys laughed and Jihoon finally introduced himself, "Annyeong! I'm G.O and I'm in charge of keeping Tiger in check." "Aish!" you laughed. "So what member are you closet to G.O?" Hyeong-don. "Tiger because we've known each other since we were kids and living in America. Even though English was her first language, Korean was mine so we were both teaching each other how to speak the other language. We grew up talking about being in a K-pop group, we spent days teaching each other dance moves and making songs. We lived together for a few years before we became trainees so we're definitely closer." Jihoon explained. "Yeah but just because you've know each other longer doesn't mean you're closer." Hae-il said sounding jealous. You laughed just as Haneul said, "That's true but Tiger sleeps in the same bed as G.O when she feels over whelmed or if she's scared. There was a thunder storm once and she snuck into our room and squeezed into bed next to him. He didn't kick her out or anything he just snuggled up to her." You laughed embarrassed because it was true. You never liked thunderstorms. Oddly enough you loved to watch lightening light up the sky but as soon as the thunder started you wanted a hug. The night that, that thunderstorm happened you snuck into Haneul and Jihoon's dorm room and pulled the blanket back and cuddled up next to Jihoon. He wrapped his arm around you but you were sure he was still asleep. He probably just knew you were there even in his dreams. When you woke up, Haneul and Heechul were standing by Jihoon's bed looking at you guys and Heechul asked what you two were doing. They didn't realize this was nothing out of the ordinary with you and Jihoon. You two would cuddle under a blanket and watch and movie and fall asleep together on the couch. You two had known each other for so long that he was just easy to treat as family but you could also tell him things you'd never tell your family. Hyeong-don began to move the conversation along to NTERNational's new comeback song. The music video gave a new image to everyone in the group, you particularly liked the song because it was a feel good song that made you feel like a big shot. "Anyone who listens to 'Excuse Me' should feel really excited. It's a feel good song and something that gets you pumped up for the day." Haneul said. "So can you explain the music video for us?" Hyeong-don said. "Excuse Me's music video starts where we left off from Jealously. My 'boyfriend' played by G.O shows up to take me out for a party and I'm just not feeling excited. So G.O and the others decide to take me shopping and get me party ready. It's like a 'look good, feel good effect'. Once all the guys give their approval that I look good we go out to party and have fun and I get a huge confidence booster. We set up the end of the music video to make it look like G.O is upset that I was dancing with Wang." You explained. The music video for Hours flashed Yoyr older music videos of how you and G.O ended up together. The music video begins with G.O ending the relationship between you and him. The flashbacks come and go through out the music video accordingly and it shows the others trying to convince you to go back to G.O to explain that nothing happened. They also try and get G.O to go back to you to hear out your side of the story. There's a brief moment in the video where Wang and G.O got into a fight over the party. The song stops for a brief moment for Wang to explain that he was comforting you as a friend and that you were only dancing. He tells G.O that you had a present for him that you had given to Wang so he could give it to G.O, a key chain with NTERNational's logo. The logo was always something you put into your music videos. There are times when it's obvious and when it's not but you use the logo as an Easter Egg. You think the company has some plan for it in the future that they haven't told you about. G.O eventually takes the key chain and runs to go get you back when he finds you he calls out for you and you turn around to look at him while standing in the street. The music video ends with the assumption of you getting hit by a on coming truck. The reason for this was because the next music video was called Cloud. The concept for that was a dream world which was basically your character in a coma and the members and you were in her dream world. The music videos linked together very nicely. The music videos from the groups mini album before the current one had connected to the new album. The story line of how your character and G.O hooked up and the significance of the keychain that Wang gives G.O. It was entertaining to watch the fan theories of what was happening next, why the key chain was significant, what would happen with you and G.O in the next music video and from your one music video, Jealously, was actually of Wang being jealous of G.O for dating you. When Hours gets released, you were sure the fans were going to be happy to finally see the backlash that you left them off with in Jealously. Hyeong-don had you guys perform a section of Excuse Me on the show. You guys performed the chorus and slightly into yours and Haneul's rap duo. Hyeong-don had you guys play a few more games before ending the weekly idol show. You all said goodbye in unison. "Hana, dul, set NTERNational samnida. Bye!" you guys waved. Two weeks had passed by since you had your session with Zico and you hadn't bothered to call him up for two reasons: you were in promotions and he was preparing his next album. You had spent time with Haneul in the studio though working on the exercises that Zico had taught you. Mr.Kim had you guys file into the car and drove you to go get some food. "Ah man I miss Pizza!" Jihoon said. "I know, it's been a while since I've had it." you said. "I love this place's pizza!" Hae-il said happily. You chuckled and we're about to take a bite of the pizza when a hand gently slapped your back. The black olive falling off the pizza when you jerked forward. You looked back to see who it was and Zico was standing there next to B-Bomb. You smiled big, your eyes got wide. You noticed the boys got quiet. "Yo Tiger!" Zico said. "An-annyeong Zico." you said nervous. His hand had slid to your shoulder when you turned around but it had stayed there to rest. Zico said hi to the others and Hae-il said, "Whoaaa! Zico and B-Bomb are standing by us." "Ease back your emotions fanboy." Heechul said wrapping his arm around Hae-il. "I can't help it I don't know how you guys can stay so calm! We're all big fans of yours!" Hae-il said. Zico and B-Bomb laughed, "Thank you guys." B-bomb said. Hae-il began to run off questions to B-bomb. "Y/N you didn't call me to continue." Zico said. "Well yeah but we've been busy promoting, plus you're doing your album." "That's true have you been practicing your freestyling?" he asked. You smiled, "Yeah I've actually been practicing with Wang it really helps doesn't?" you said turning to Haneul. Haneul seemed like he was spaced out, his hands were clasped and appeared to have been staring at the hand on your shoulder. You saw him look up and smile softly, "Yeah she's gotten really good." he answered. "You too, you were already better then me but you just keep getting better." "Tiger is Wang's biggest fan." Jihoon said. "When I heard him rapper for the first I swear I almost fell for him." you said putting a hand to your heart. Everyone around the table laughed while Haneul looked slightly embarrassed. Zico said, "We should be going but listen you need to call me so we can practice again. I like being able to go up against you." "Can I bring Haneul!" you said too enthusiastic. You settled down in your seat realizing it. Zico laughed, "Yeah the more merrier. P.O should come too. We should all just get together." he said. "Awesome!" Hae-il practically screamed. Zico waved goodbye and him and B-Bomb walked off. You turned to Haneul excited, "Awesome! We get to train under Zico! I'm so excited." you said. "We can tell." Haneul smirked at you hinting to your over enthusiasm to bringing him along. Honestly with Haneul there and you guys only talking about music it would keep you focused. Haneul and you spent the nights having small rap battles and working on your new song together. He was very enthusiastic about rapping and you liked that, when Jihoon slept and you were freaking out about being a leader Haneul placed his big hand on top of your head and told you to calm down and that you were a fine leader. You asked him two nights ago while you two were writing, "Do you ever regret that the company chose me as the leader and not you?" He looked up at you with raised eyebrows, everyone else had been asleep by then. If Jihoon was awake you probably would've asked him the same thing but Haneul was the one sitting in front of you. "Are you still feeling like you're not a good leader?" he asked "I know you guys said I'm fine but Bangtan had blown up by their third year, Ikon was amazing starting out, Big Bang is ten years in the making but look how far they've come. Look at Exo and Block-B, I just feel like I could never carry you guys to that kind of popularity. I am constantly feeling like I'm not enough and that the company made a mistake by making me the leader. I don't want NTERNational to be compared to those other groups I want us to be as different and as unique as possible but I also can't help but think there's more we should do as a group." "Y/N you're an inspiring Leader. When we get stressed out and start arguing before performances, you're the one that pulls us all together and get us to settle are differences. You make the boys go to bed at a decent hour, you make sure we eat properly. You're the main dancer and you make sure we are in sync when we dance together. As a leader, you've taken on so much responsibility. You've helped produce the music for our songs, you've suggested ideas for our music videos that the company has actually used. You've done more for us then we could ever think to ask for. You're a great leader, besides girls are more mature than boys even if I was the leader you'd just take charge anyway." He smiled at you. That made you laugh and feel much better. The insecurity of not being a good leader always came back to you but when Haneul put it like that it made you want to work hard to stay this way. You wanted to bring NTERNational to greatness. Like Zico said, your success means nothing if your members aren't succeeding with you. This group was your heart and soul, you bled NTERNational. Zico's POV While he was working on producing his music for his new album, Plaza, he couldn't help but think how fun it was to work with Y/N. Her attitude as a rapper was very charismatic; she was nervous at first, he could tell but she became comfortable quickly when they talked about her group and helping her become a better rapper. When her manager Mr.Kim asked if he'd mentor her, he took on the job thinking it would be a nice fun experience and it was but he didn't expect to find her as fascinating. He really thought she could go places as a female rapper. He watched their broadcasts over the V app a few times when he was alone and he found himself staring at her. She had a big bright smile and her hair was in a ponytail. She asked G.O during a broadcast if she should cut her hair and he told her not yet while ran his fingers through her hair. He wondered what it felt like, it was beautiful and dark, it probably felt soft. He would shake his head to get that thought out of his mind but then he caught sight of her thighs and damn he couldn't help but think how hot she was after that. She was a rapper with attitude and had nice thighs! He half expected her to call him later on or at the very least her manager would but he hadn't gotten a call from her in two weeks. So when he saw at the pizza place, he just had to say hi to her. He hoped his subtle hinting meant that she would call him to help her out again but when she asked if she could bring her band mate with her he felt slightly disappointed that she wouldn't be there with him alone again. It's not like he'd make a move on her or anything, he barely knew her but she gave him a bit of freedom she challenged him to step up a bit more. She didn't realize the talent she had as a rapper. When she was creating a beat to freestyle to, he couldn't believe how quickly she caught on to his training method. She wasn't the type to think that just because she got it, itmeant she didn't need to keep practicing. He admired her drive. "You're a bit smitten aren't you?" Minhyuk said. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "Tiger and you back there, you really wanted her to call you didn't you." "What? No she's just really good at rapping that's all." "Right, you know we're performing with them at their upcoming concert right." "Wait what?" Zico looked at him like he was confused. "It's just one song and then the manager wants you to do a rap battle with her. I think P.O and Wang are supposed to have a battle as well. We all talked about this a few weeks ago remember." Minhyuk laughed. "Damn I forgot about that." "You're fine, you've been focused on your album for a bit. You can afford to take a break once in a while though, you know that. The company hasn't even announced that you're releasing a mini album." "I know I'm just really excited for this one, Suran is going to be on it and Jay Park , Babylon is coming back on. There's a lot of work to be done and in between finishing promotions with Block-B we have our performances. There's a lot to do." Zico said. "All the more reason to blow off some steam, you should ask her out, she was cute." he chuckled. "Stop, she's in the middle of promotions. Besides we have a performance tomorrow." "I didn't say ask her out tomorrow I just said ask her out. Especially before her band mate does. I honestly think he was trying to figure out how easy it would be to cut off your hand." Minhyuk laughed. "Which one?" Zico looked at him confused. "Oh man you really are smitten if you didn't see that. Wang was going to jump across that table if you didn't get your hand off her shoulder." Minhyuk laughed. He actually didn't notice that. Minhyuk must've been seeing things though, he looked pretty harmless to him. Though most of his attention was on Y/N. Still she wouldn't date a band mate would she? That's a very sticky situation and it was probably some where in their contract that they couldn't, it had to be right? He shouldn't care though, he didn't know her long enough to really want to date her; he was just a little infatuated with her. "It'll be fun to see them perform live tomorrow. They may beat us, NTERNational has a lot of Runways." Minhyuk said. "They're really good but don't forget we're performing against Got7 and the Bangtan boys. " Zico said. "Let's just hope we're good enough then." Interesting, he'd never seen NTERNational perform live before. He wondered how that would go, the slight rush he got from just imagining the show down that was about to happen had him pumped. He couldn't wait to perform and see them perform and see which group would win....
Fluffy cute couple or badass rapper couple either way I know I ship it. Can't wait to see how Wang takes it and how surprised Tiger will be when Zico asks her out 😮😮